AES 2003 - EtherSound control software from Digigram
Tuesday, 20 May 2003
Digigram quietly demonstrated new EtherSound control software, although, as Frank Siedel pointed out, you don't necessarily need a computer to gain the benefits of networked audio. "You can get the audio in and out of the EtherSound network just by configuring the channels and the devices themselves," he said. "Many people think network audio equals system administration and a lot of troubleshooting - just because, in most companies, everybody has network headaches every day. But EtherSound is not like this, because it can be set up without even a computer.

"But, if you want more flexibility, you can use our software. It simply tells you what equipment is connected to the network, the number of inputs and outputs, and allows you to manipulate these as a matrix. All you have to do is define channels by clicking and dragging, and of course, every configuration can be saved and recalled. You can then switch easily between big venues, small venues, open-air, indoor - and by a simple IP connection you can access any EtherSound system in the world.

"If a customer has a problem on the other side of the planet - of course, that would never be due to EtherSound failure! - the system administrator can log on remotely within the same software. In many cases, the problem will be fixable without having to travel."

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