AES 2003 - Product Briefs . . .
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

SR40/DIV, a stationary UHF diversity receiver added to the WMS 40 wireless mic system.

Audio EngineeringThe Micron 700 Series wireless system goes to 16 channels, using MDR762 twin-channel diversity racks in conjunction with the new BandMaster antenna distribution and combiner systems.

Bruel & Kjaer

Launch of 2260 Observer, a portable sound level meter and analyzer. In real-time, it analyzes in 1/1- or 1/3 octave bands, covering 8Hz-16kHz and 6.3Hz-20kHz respectively. Room reverberation measurement is an option.

DPA Microphones

Low-voltage versions of the DPA 4061 and 4066 headband mics, namely the DPA 4063 Miniature and 4067 Adjustable Miniature Headband - both available as Lo-Sens and DC.


New Asian-German development and manufacturing axis, introducing the DSP-2000 range of signal processors. Among these are the MXO-2000, a 2- to 6-speaker management system, and the MEQ-2000 multi-modegraphic EQ.


EASE 4.0, a new version of the audio modelling software adding more complex coverage and cluster calculations, simpler entering of room data and room modelling, higher-resolution graphical rendering of the rooms themselves and improved representation of impulse response computations.


LecNet Automatic Microphone Mixers, from 1-buss to 12-buss, for use in courtrooms, boardrooms and conference systems to minimize feedback and background noise; and LecNet Audio Matrix Mixers with programmable signal routing for simultaneous mix-minus sound reinforcement, multi-channel recording and media feeds.

Listen Inc

SoundCheck 5.0, the latest version of the company's audio and electro-acoustic test and measurement software. This version is able to detect loose particles in loudspeakers, and lets you enter algebraic equations directly, among many other operational upgrades.


4-pole connector with metal housing, optimized for harsh environments. The range features a new female chassis, the NLT4FX, and a new male cable connector, the NLT4MP. Plus, a D-sized coupler receptacle added to the EtherCon range enabling extensions and RJ45 compatibility.


Lightweight, flat-panel speakers using film-based, non-magnetic transducers. Without thermal effects, they can be run on full RMS power continuously, and claim reduced mechanical vibration and increased directivity.

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