Amate G7 system gains IP44 certification
Friday, 25 March 2022
amateg7grpip44-loresA new anthracite colour scheme has been added
Spain - Amate Audio’s new G7 premium commercial audio loudspeaker system has been IP44 certified, further validating its use for a wide variety of outdoor applications. Additionally, a new anthracite colour scheme expands the options for matching the ultra-compact loudspeaker system with a wide range of interior and exterior aesthetics.
The IP44 certification awarded the G7 signifies intrusion being impossible by objects larger than 1mm in size, including most types of wire, slender screws, tools, even large ants and other insects, and liquid ingression resulting from the spraying or splashing of water and having no harmful effect on the functioning of the loudspeaker.
Commenting, vice president and chief technical officer Joan Amate states, “As a premium dedicated commercial audio design, the G7 has to fulfill the superior sonic performance expectations of an Amate Audio design and also meet the robust build requirements required of the product class. The degree of protection affirmed by an IP44 certification is what should be expected of a loudspeaker intended for applications including use outdoors in recreational and wider commercial environments.”

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