One of the visual highlights of the conference was a 24m wide AV Stumpfl Vario projection screen
UK - Stage Sound Services, who offer full production and equipment services from their 50,000 sq.ft HQ in Cardiff, were recently tasked to support Freshwater UK, a marketing and events agency, with the technical realisation of this year's Unite the Union Policy Conference in Brighton.
The Policy Conference is the main decision-making body of the union, held every two years and made up of around 700 lay members from Unite's 19 sectors and 10 regions and equality structures.
One of the visual highlights of the conference was a 24m wide AV Stumpfl Vario projection screen.
“A key requirement for this year’s conference was a large 'super wide screen', to provide a flexible format for conference images, screen relays and presentations, as well as to achieve a modern fresh look,” explains Stage Sound Services director Phil Hurley.
The Vario frame concept follows a modular system approach, to make it extremely easy to adapt a projection screen's size. Robust plug-in elements are used in addition to extension elements, so that the frame can be scaled to the exact dimensions required by a particular project.
A slightly shorter build time for this year’s conference was easily compensated for, due to the Vario screen system’s great ease of use: “For the previous conference we had used a traditional truss system with a wrap-around front surface. I estimate that the Vario screen, which was fifty percent bigger than the one we previously used, took only half the time to rig and fly.”
Eight Panasonic RZ21K projectors were used to display the conference’s main presentation content, in the form of a seamless panoramic softedge projection onto the 24m wide AV Stumpfl screen.
“The client was really impressed with the size and quality of the screen, which added to the overall impact of the conference. Being able to flexibly use the same key components to realise multiple sizes is a big advantage from an asset management, space and cost perspective for us,” adds Hurley.

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