Calling all Cricket and Pimms fans!
Tuesday, 30 July 2002
You are welcome to join us to support your favoured team in the fiercely competitive Hayden Laboratories Annual Industry Cricket Cup Challenge, taking place on Thursday 1 August and now in its 4th year.

Two highly-trained, athletic teams will be competing for the much-coveted championship cup, as PLASA & Clarion Events take on the might of the Sound & Lighting Industry. Come along and watch them battle it out as Clarion & PLASA fight to regain the cup after their defeat against the Hayden Labs Audio team last year.

The match will take place in the idyllic setting of Littlewick Green Cricket Club, Berkshire. The full 50-over match is scheduled to begin at 1.30pm, with tea at 4.15pm followed by the second innings before the BBQ and prize-giving kicks off at 7.30pm.

Tickets for the post-match barbecue are a bargain at £5.00 each. If you would like to attend the BBQ and for directions, please call Nicky Rowland at Clarion Events (020 7370 8231) or Simon Curtis at Hayden Laboratories (01753 888447).

(Lee Baldock)

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