Change of CEO at Stageco US
Monday, 30 October 2023
micah-catterson-square-4Micah Catterson will provide strategic leadership for Stageco US
USA - Mary Lou Figley is retiring from Stageco US at the end of this year. Mary Lou has successfully led Stageco US for over 31 years. During her 31+ years of service with the company, Mary Lou was instrumental in the success and establishment of Stageco US in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the satellite office in Manheim, Pennsylvania.
“It was essential for Mary Lou to find a replacement whom she felt could take over the reins and help grow the US marketplace,” says Stageco. “During that search, the leadership team and Mary Lou selected Micah Catterson.
Micah is an experienced executive leader focused on revenue growth, operational performance, and delivery excellence on a global scale. Micah will provide strategic leadership for Stageco US by working with the executive leadership team to establish long- range goals, strategies, and growth plans.
“Stageco’s entire staff and management like to thank Mary Lou for her timeless efforts to raise and grow our US division and bring it to where we actually are with stunning projects and amazing partnerships with all of you. We wish her all the best during her retirement and will surely stay in touch. We also wish Micah all the best and success in taking over this exciting role. Rock it Micah!”

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