Danley meets challenges of Eastmont church
Thursday, 17 October 2019
eastmontbaptistEastmont Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama
USA - At the 1,300-seat sanctuary at Eastmont Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, pews wrap around a stage that is much wider than it is deep, and a large balcony overhangs much of the main floor in a similar wrap-around design. With the deep overhang, good sound reinforcement for Eastmont’s orchestra and choir would be challenging under the best of circumstances.
To replace a failing system, AVL integration firm Emmaus Media & Design, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, worked with Eastmont to design and install a high-fidelity Danley Sound Labs sound reinforcement system. Danley’s point-source pattern control allowed Emmaus to hit every seat with high-intelligibility, high-SPL coverage that varies by no more than 1dB.
“In addition to its regular Sunday services with orchestra and choir, Eastmont hosts a lot of touring acts,” explained Tim James, owner of Emmaus Media & Design. “Their previous sound reinforcement system was a conglomerate of components in a centre cluster that was original to the building 20 years ago. The integrator evidently went out of business halfway through the project. It was a mess.
“The coverage was terrible. You couldn’t walk five feet without it changing. The balcony had no high-frequency content at all. Intelligibility was abysmal. When touring acts came through, they always had to bring their own PA. Eastmont wanted a new system that would sound fantastic day-to-day and that would make them proud when touring acts came through.”
Now, A stereo pair of Danley SH96HO full-range loudspeakers serve as the mains, with a Danley DBH218 subwoofer rounding out the low end from the centre-flown position. Six Danley SHMicro loudspeakers provide delayed coverage to the balcony, while eight Danley Nanos do the same under the balcony.
“Since the room is very wide and the seating wraps around the stage a bit, I needed some side-fill,” James said. “The tricky thing is that the floor seating near the sides is under a sizable balcony projection. So, to cover that front seating, I used a Danley SBH20 column-form loudspeaker on either side. Its wide horizontal coverage hits all of the seats I needed it to hit and its narrow vertical coverage kept sound off the balcony.”
(Jim Evans)

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