disguise powers Cannes virtual production
Thursday, 19 May 2022
disguiseVisitors can drop by the space during the festival to receive demonstrations of the technology
France - The 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival is, for the first time, hosting a virtual production space powered by disguise - marking a new milestone in virtual production’s expansion into the European film and television industry.
Film and television group Film Soho, is partnering up with virtual production innovators disguise, ROE Visual, global video solutions provider CVP and content studio ZOAN to showcase a virtual production stage in the garden of the Grand Hotel in Cannes - hosting many of Cannes Festival’s A-list participants.
Visitors will step into a virtual production volume, powered by disguise and will become fully immersed into rich environments such as expansive city scapes and lush Icelandic country scenes - all designed in Unreal Engine and Notch. Visitors can drop by the space during the festival to receive demonstrations of the technology.
Powered by disguise’s extended reality (xR) workflow for virtual production, the stage is made possible with the support of LED technology from ROE Visual, camera tracking from Ncam with CVP supporting on-camera and tracking system curation.
“disguise is so excited to support Film Soho in bringing the vast possibilities of virtual production to the Cannes Film Festival and truly connecting with the innovative and disruptive qualities that both the festival, the international filmmaking community and disguise represents,” says disguise CEO, Fernando Küfer.
“disguise xR, combined with powerful graphics supported by Unreal Engine, empowers filmmakers to let their creativity run wild and tell more compelling stories than ever before. We hope that, by seeing these technologies up-close at the stage we have set-up with Film Soho, filmmakers will get a taste of what the new era of film will look like.”
disguise will also be participating in a Cannes Next panel discussion on Europe as a Global Leader in Virtual Production, Visionaries, Platforms and Studios. disguise CXO Alex Wills, together with experts from VRT, Zoan, FNF and Nordisk Film Shortcut, will explore how virtual production is shaping Europe’s film and series production. Together they will discuss whether the cost-cutting and creative benefits of virtual production will extend beyond blockbuster films into independent filmmaking.

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