The experience will run through September 2023 with shows running several times each night (photo: Amana Holmes)
USA - Christopher Bauder, a light artist from the design and art studio WHITEvoid, and KiNK, an electronic music producer, have collaborated to create Axion, a large-scale outdoor art installation and multi-sensory experience. Axion is the centrepiece of Transfix, the world's largest immersive art experience that opened at Resorts World in Las Vegas in April.
Located on four acres at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, Transfix includes over 50 interactive, kinetic, illuminated artworks - living works of art - by artists from around the globe. The experience invites participants on a journey of personal creative discovery, encouraging guests to engage with each piece in their own unique way.
With Axion, Bauder and KiNK explore the ultimate horizon - outer space - in a work of art that reflects on the potential of axions, dark matter and the idea of the unknown. The artwork - an enormous pyramid that constantly morphs in appearance and mood - resembles a scientific device akin to space exploration or particle detection.
Lighting is an important component of the piece, which is synchronised with an electronic music soundtrack that oscillates between calm ambient melodies and more furious beats. IP-rated luminaires from Elation Professional are used (Proteus Excalibur, Proteus Maximus, SixPar 200IP, SixBar 1000IP), supplied by Las Vegas-based production and rental house AG Production Services.
Visitors can survey the pyramid from atop a perimeter walkway or explore by walking around or beneath it. Axion also hosts special DJ nights with the space serving as an other-worldly dancefloor where guests can express themselves around the art piece.

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