ER unleashes CO2-free confetti blower
Friday, 25 January 2019
typhoon-box-co-rgb-hiER debuted Typhoon at Ozzfest at the LA Forum
Europe - Typhoon is ER’s newest product, a CO2-free confetti blower designed to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emitted in the industry.
Typhoon is not only a ‘greener’ product but is compact, stackable, easy to control, adjustable and versatile, says the company.
Typhoon’s adaptable design allows it to not only be rigged on top of truss but also flown, allowing for huge confetti hits at large-scale events. Typhoon works via a set of powerful but silent fans, which push confetti out through a specially-designed tunnel, and a controllable-hopper evenly distributes it.
David Holmes, ER’s technical manager who designed Typhoon, comments: “I love the finished product. The brief from ER’s co-founder and director, Ryan Hagan, was to build a confetti blower that would be able to run on electricity, without using the harmful greenhouse gas, and we have done exactly that.
“Other models on the market are cumbersome and don’t have the ability to be flown. Typhoon gives designers more flexibility to create something really amazing at their shows.”
Typhoon is constructed with an aluminium frame with steel panels and weighs 90kg, and the voltage is 200 to 270 or 50/60hz. It holds 10kg of confetti and can be adjusted to how much and how far you want the confetti to be distributed, enabling vast coverage across an audience.
ER debuted the CO2-free confetti blower at the 2018 Ozzfest at the LA Forum, where units were positioned on a U-shaped truss over the audience, creating a snow blizzard effect during carefully-planned cues for tracks Mr Crowley and Mama.
Ozzy’s lighting designer, Michael Keller, comments: “This large mass of fine white confetti started separating and blanketing the crowd with snow, indeed we had the Blizzard of Ozz in full effect. Where it really shined was when ER’s laser tech, Alex Oita, brought up some laser cues. It looked amazing reflecting through all the beams.”
(Jim Evans)

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