ESTA to present ‘highest awards’ at AGM
Thursday, 24 February 2022
duncanmackenzieLifetime achievement award winner R. Duncan MacKenzie
USA - ESTA is planning its Annual General Meeting on 4 March at the Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor in Baltimore. The AGM will be in-person and take place from 9:30am-11am local time. The event will see ESTA honouring the recipients of two of its highest awards.
R. Duncan MacKenzie of Proskenion Design will receive the Lifetime Technical Achievement Award, which recognises individuals who have been a sustaining influence for more than 25 years and whose technical contributions have had a significant impact on the world of entertainment technology. The ESTA Board of Directors and Technical Standards Council have selected MacKenzie for his 50 years of designing control systems for rigging and stage machinery, including projects at the MGM Grand, Radio City Music Hall, the Kennedy Centre, and the Chicago Lyric Opera. Solana Bolton of InterAmerica Stage will present the award.
John Cini, president of High Output, has been chosen to receive ESTA’s Swan Award. The Swan is presented only when there is an exceptional candidate who has made major contributions to the realization of ESTA’s mission and goals. Cini has served on the Board of Directors, is an active participant in the Members Advisory Committee, and has been a driving force in the success of Production Equipment Rental Group (PERG) programmes and initiatives. Cini’s longtime friend, Paul Royalty of LiteGear, will present the award.

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