A total of 27 Halcyon Platinum fixtures and 12 Halcyon Gold fixtures have been installed
France - ETC’s automated fixtures range Halcyon has been selected by the noted Parisian theatre, la Comédie-Française.
A total of 27 Halcyon Platinum fixtures and 12 Halcyon Gold fixtures have been installed at the famous theatre, which has several productions including French plays by Molière, Racine, Corneille and others. A cultural institution, la Comédie-Française is the only French national theatre since 1680 to have a permanent drama troupe.
Sales manager for France Nicolas Da Canal comments: “la Comédie-Française already has High End Systems SolaFrame Studio, SolaFrame 2000 and SolaFrame 3000 moving lights installed which have been particularly appreciated for their colour-mixing quality. The team at the theatre were therefore happy to again proceed with High End Systems automated lights in their process of further transitioning to LED.”
The Halcyon Gold fixtures have been integrated in the over-stage rig on the first electric position and the Halcyon Platinum fixtures are further upstage at higher trim heights.
"The advantage of the Platinum is that even in the High Fidelity version, you still get 38,000 lumens as standard, and up to 46,000 when you use the boost mode. That is less than the 70,000 lumens of the Ultra-Bright version, but it's enough to make the fixture very versatile. And above all, the High-Fidelity engine has a CCT of 6,000K, which is close to HMI sources making this move over to LED a little smoother," adds Nicolas Da Canal.
B-Live, one of ETC's commercial partners in France, delivered the fixtures to la Comédie-Française. They were installed during the summer break and the venue has recently re-opened with the new equipment.

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