ETC lights Al Arabiya news channel
Monday, 14 January 2019
etc-eos-tiAl Arabiya has upgraded to ETC’s flagship lighting control desk Eos Ti
UAE – For over 10 years, an ETC Eos Classic has been used to light the broadcast studio of leading TV news channel Al Arabiya, 24 hours a day, seven days a week live on air without any technical faults.
Al Arabiya is the chief news station in the Middle East, based in Dubai. ETC dealer, Oasis Enterprises has been in partnership with Al Arabiya since 2008, supplying and installing technical equipment to the TV channel. The news studio commented positively on the relationship with Oasis Enterprises, remarking that their “reliability and support’ influenced the decision to choose ETC for their broadcast studio”. “They offer us a great service and are always available whenever we need them,” comments the head of news resources, Mahmoud Issa.
This year, Al Arabiya was upgraded to ETC’s flagship lighting control desk Eos Ti, bringing the latest technology and most powerful hardware to the broadcast studios. “As our channel runs 24/7, it is crucial that there are no errors with lighting, vision mixers or consoles. We need to be equipped with the best and ETC’s Eos console is one of the best so far,” remarks Mahmoud Issa.
The TV company is also equipped with ETC dimmer racks, Eos Remote Processor Units and lighting fixtures – Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr Daylight HD and Source Four jr luminaires. “The Eos family software platform and the Lustr Series 2 output perform extremely well. We are very happy to have them in our studios and look forward to investing in more in the future,” comments Safwan Harcouss, lighting manager at Al Arabiya.
Going forwards, the TV company plans to network the entire building that they are currently in, using the Eos Ti control desk. The team will set up the desk in ‘The Gallery’, a central space in the broadcasting area, ensuring ultimate lighting control across all studios.
“As the console is in constant use for the 24-hour news channel, the reliability of the system is crucial,” comments Karim Abdel Massih, lighting systems manager at Oasis Enterprises. “Al Arabiya is live on air around-the-clock so it can be challenging from a maintenance perspective, however, ETC’s equipment continues to deliver at a high standard.”
(Jim Evans)

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