ETC makes the news at Fox Studios
Wednesday, 31 January 2018
etc-foxnews-culvercityETC Source Four LED Series 2 fixtures with Lustr arrays are the key lights for The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton
USA - The LA bureau of the Fox News Channel has seen its share of rising and falling news personalities but a constant star is ETC.
The stage at the small studio in Culver City underwent a refurbishment and introducing a Plexiglas and stainless steel design with a curtain track backdrop. With its unusually high ceiling and excellent acoustics, the stage is now home to The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton Sunday night broadcast.
The revamped set design came with a much-needed new lighting package provided by 4Wall Lighting’s Los Angeles office. Lighting Director Eric Reinig and his counterparts in New York specified a mostly ETC LED system. “It only made sense to go LED, for the flexibility and the reduction of heat onstage and the running costs,” says Reinig. “The old rig of standard 1K and 2K fixtures and old Strand gear was well past its prime.”
The new rig features 32 ETC Source Four LED Series 2 fixtures with Lustr arrays and a range of lenses (19, 26 and 36 degrees), serving as the new key lights for the talent and colour washes on the scenic panels. A few classic Source Fours are used as specials, powered by an ETC 24-channel Sensor3 dimmer pack. “Even though we have to colour correct them to 4300 degrees, the conventional fixtures give me a softer look. But you can’t beat the Lustrs for flat field and coolness to the touch.”
Describing the change in lighting control, Reinig comments: “We went from a ‘baby starter’ two-scene, preset to an ETC Ion 1500 with a 2x20 Universal Fader Wing.” The learning curve more than paid off in the ability to set up pre-programmed looks for Fox shows and any incoming rentals. The nearby Fox Sports One/Fox Deportes studio, where Reinig is also an LD, uses an Ion console.
(Jim Evans)

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