Fine Design relies on Color Force II
Tuesday, 23 April 2019
fine-design-associates-chroma-q-color-force-ii-at-cesThe CES show in Las Vegas
USA - Fine Design Associates has been designing exhibit lighting at leading tradeshows for more than 25 years, working closely with creative company to create lighting for exhibition displays. Most recently, Fine Design was responsible for lighting an industry leading brand’s booth at the CES show held in Las Vegas in January.
Principal designer, Paul Fine and his team have been working on a global technology leaders’ booth making them stand out at CES for many years. The lighting design has evolved over time to add more lighting fixtures to enhance the desired effects of their client.
The booth design for this client had beautifully printed SEG (silicon-edged graphic) fabric walls extending from the four corners of the booth. Large entrances were available on all four sides of the booth. The walls created an intimate space for the exhibitor to display their products, and have demonstrations / meetings with the attendees. Using the Chroma-Q Color Force II (72”) fixtures, Fine Design was able to transform the fabric walls from opaque to translucent, depending on the desired effect. When the walls were translucent, they were up-lit in beautiful reds, pastels, or white. An attendee could see in or out of the space as if they were looking through an etched glass window. Adding this additional row of fixtures on the ground this year has really allowed the exhibit space to pop.
“In order to be effective at exhibit lighting, we need to know how to light the wall, as well as having the control that we need.” comments Fine. “The steady and consistent output provides us with a flat and even field. The fixtures have a nice punch, and the lensing advancement of Chroma-Q is fantastic for lighting the wall, creating a nice flat even wall of light. Sometimes that’s what you need, and in my opinion, there isn’t another fixture in the market that does this as well.”
Fine Design has been using the Chroma-Q brand for many years in the exhibition lighting market. “We use fixtures in different ways and for different reasons. Sometimes to provide colour or visibility, other times a slight accent where we need to shift colour temperature around a product. In my opinion Chroma-Q is the industry leader for exhibition lighting and we only use the best for our clients,” adds Fine.
(Jim Evans)

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