Fogtech adds Absen to Product portfolio
Tuesday, 21 January 2020
absenFogtech recently did an event in Botswana where 288 panels ran seamlessly
South Africa - Fogtech, a Johannesburg-based rental and technical supply company, has purchased 140 Absen PL3.9 Lite LED panels from DWR Distribution.
Established in 2007, Fogtech initially specialised in Fogscreens alone. By 2010, the company expanded to include AV and video to their service offering and, soon after, started to deliver turnkey technical solutions for events, including lighting, audio and AV. The company has a reputation for being a friendly yet professional team, who deliver well-maintained gear to events and for cross rental purposes.
A practical and hands-on owner, Garth O’Kelly of Fogtech, comments: “LED is an amazing product and has revolutionised our industry, but it can be finicky. We looked at different brands and felt that Absen had refined their product to accommodate our working style. One of the biggest decision-makers was the after-sales support, and we’ve had such a great experience with DWR in the past that we knew that we could trust them to support us moving forward.”
At the end of August 2019, Fogtech took delivery of the panels and O’Kelly has been working alongside his team at most events to ensure set-up is carried out correctly.
“We are very happy with the quality of Absen,” he says. “It has been an easy process and we haven’t experienced any challenges to date. We recently did an event in Botswana where we had 288 panels running seamlessly. We set it up, switched it on, and had no issues at all. Our clients have also been extremely pleased. Worth mentioning is how effortlessly other technicians on an event, such as the camera crew or staging teams, are able to integrate the panels into the system. There are a number of rental companies who have Absen already, and because we have a great relationship within the industry, cross-rental is made easy.”
Duncan Riley of DWR adds: “We are very grateful to Garth for making this substantial investment with us. It’s wonderful to see a company that goes the extra mile, backed up with good gear.”
(Jim Evans)

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