Hog Factor contest triumphs at LDI 2018
Friday, 26 October 2018
hog-factorThe annual Hog Factor USA Collegiate Competition at LDI 2018
USA - Three teams of lighting programmers competed in High End Systems’ annual Hog Factor USA Collegiate Competition held during LDI on Friday 19 October in the Las Vegas Convention Centre.
With three Hog 4 lighting desks up for grabs, the finalists performed a lightshow to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody using the latest in HES LED technology on the stand rig. The performances were judged by a panel comprising Howard Ungerleider (LD, Rush, Rod Stewart and Van Halen), Seth Jackson (creative director and production designer for Barry Manilow, Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood), Scott Barnes (film lighting programmer) and Patrick Hayes (LD/programmer with The Decemberists).
Team Sola Tartan (under the leadership of professor Todd Brown) claimed first prize - a Road Hog 4 console – for Carnegie Mellon University. Runners-up Brown Sugar of Southern Methodist University received a HedgeHog 4X console for their school and third-placed The Pig Ears took home a Hoglet desk for California State University - Long Beach. Each student received an ETC Student Nomad software package and dongle.
Since its origin in 2015, HES has held its Hog Factor competitions at various trade shows. The next edition of the competition is taking place at the upcoming Production Futures in the UK on 7 November in Production Park in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.
(Jim Evans)

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