ISE: OCA Alliance promotes AES70 standard
Friday, 1 February 2019
ocaThe OCA Alliance Technical Committee is now operating a public discussion list for AES70
The Netherlands - OCA Alliance, the AV trade association formed to promote awareness, implementation and development of the AES70 open network control standard, is once again fulfilling its mission at ISE, supporting the release of the latest revision of the standard.
The result of several years of collaborative work within the OCA Alliance and the AES, AES70-2018 is an evolutionary upgrade to the original AES70-2015 standard. The revision provides a number of new and improved features
The new standards documents are available from the AES Standards site. Links to the relevant AES pages are on the Developer Resources page of OCA Alliance Technical Site, while more details on the 2018 changes may be found on the OCA Alliance website.
Key to the OCA Alliance’s mission is supporting developers become more familiar with the AES70 standard, providing assistance in its implementation. The alliance extends that activity this year, producing and providing additional new tools and support resources free to the industry.
Particularly useful should be OCTT, an open-source tool for testing devices' conformance to the minimum AES70 implementation specification, defined in Part 2 of the AES70 standard. While not a full-blown formal test suite, OCTT is a Windows-based programmer's tool, intended to confirm that devices under development fulfil the minimum requirements for AES70 compliance.
The OCA Alliance Technical Committee is now operating a public discussion list for AES70. Anyone can post to the list; alliance membership is not required. Questions and comments may be asked on any and all AES70-related topics. All levels experience and knowledge are welcome. The list's email address is
“ISE has always been an excellent show for the OCA Alliance, due to the diverse manufacturer, industry, and technical audiences in attendance,” says OCA Alliance marketing committee chair Ethan Wetzell. “2019’s ISE will be particularly exciting with the new tools and offerings that the alliance has prepared for the industry. This year, more products shipping with AES70 than ever before will be shown alliance members’ booths, so we can look forward to talking about the growing product ecosystem that is available today, and showing people how they can be part of that.”
(Jim Evans)

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