JHS Event 2002
Friday, 5 July 2002
JHS Event 2002The main stage at the JHS Event.
With German pro audio concern HK Audio having made huge inroads into the UK & Eire pro audio market in recent years, the JHS Event 2002 presented the perfect opportunity for HK Audio to launch three new and very significant product lines.

HK Audio’s impressive pro audio range now makes a significant contribution to the presentation of the JHS Event, and represents an ideal opportunity for the many trade visitors to the show to hear for themselves why HK Audio is proving to be so successful in this most difficult of markets to break into. It’s also an ideal chance for them to speak to representatives from HK Audio, who visit the JHS Event specially to consolidate HK’s increasing UK profile and presence.

The main outdoor stage at Event is flanked by 12 boxes of HK’s stadium-friendly R Series, offering a total of 7.2kW, with the large capacity active Projector system positioned infield, providing a good opportunity to find out what these systems sound like when run at something approaching true outdoor SPLs. Elsewhere on the site, a dedicated HK Audio demo theatre featured many pro audio systems and components from the HK catalogue, including the highly successful L.U.C.A.S., E.L.I.A.S. and ACTOR self-powered active PAs.

However, grabbing most attention were the newest additions to the HK Audio line-up - Linear 3, Installation Line and D.A.R.T., an extremely useful looking portable active monitor. Features of the new Linear 3 passive speaker range include Linear 3’s LightGuide LEDs, offering continuous status information on the performance of the cabinets whilst in use, thus maximising control of sound projection. Additionally, the new Sound Field Selector in the full range cabinets allows adjustment of the HF response, ensuring that Linear 3 cabinets will not sound muffled or harsh, depending on individual venue acoustics. The Sound Field Selector setting - Close or Regular - is also shown on Linear 3’s LightGuide display. In the subwoofer, 4 ohm impedance means that the amplifier runs at an optimum performance level, increasing efficiency and sound projection. Further, a complete, integrated crossover with low- and high-pass filters ensure that in a system with subwoofers, each speaker is reproducing a matched frequency range.

The HK Audio Installation Line is designed for all kinds of indoor installations, from bars and shops to theatres and live clubs. The Installation Line features a total of eight different full-range and/or mid-high cabinets. These can be run in stand-alone mode or in combination with one of four different available subwoofers, ranging from a single 12" to a double 18". "During the development of the Installation Line, HK Audio’s main focus was to obtain a natural vocal reproduction as well as total flexibility without having to offer too many different models and accessories," explains HK Audio product specialist, Christian Stumpp. All cabinets feature M8/M10 threaded inserts, Speakon and binding post terminals and rugged metal grilles.

D.A.R.T., HK Audio’s new active monitor, offers professional monitor sound in one compact cabinet. All the components used in professional monitoring are included: amplifiers, limiters, equalisers, active crossover and complete frequency correction are featured in factory preset formats, requiring no further user adjustments, allowing the monitor sound to be set up as quickly as HK Audio’s active PA systems. At the JHS Event, many pro audio rental outfits were expressing serious interest in this unit, in what could obviously be a hugely useful addition to their armoury.

(Ruth Rossington)

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