JPRO hosts JBL demo in Christchurch
Monday, 14 October 2019
jbl-nzThe JBL VTX A8 is a compact line array system available in various formats
New Zealand - Distribution and AVC support company JPRO presented an exclusive demo of the JBL VTX A8 line array to a group of entertainment and commercial industry representatives in Christchurch.
The VTX A8 is a compact line array system available in various formats for small to medium size installed and tour configurations. VTX A8 and its bigger brother VTX A12 have impressed this year during NZ's Summer Festivals - being used extensively with touring artists and music festivals such as Toto, UB40, Slayer, KORA, Sound Splash and The Hollies.
The demo took place at the newly rebuilt Christchurch Town Hall in the James Hay Theatre.
“It’s fantastic that we are able to use venues such as the James Hay Theatre to allow audiences to get a first-hand impression of the JBL VTX A8,” comments JPRO’s Nicholas van Dyk, sales manager South Island. “This is a new sound from JBL and it is important for people to experience the transparent, smooth sound for themselves. I enjoyed seeing their response when the system is run in full range - we had jaws dropping when we told guests that we were not running the subs.”
After a full range demo, JBL’s new generation of subwoofers, VTX B18 were used in cardioid configuration, while the VTX M Series touring wedges were demonstrated on stage.
Due to a tight schedule the crew were able to provide a fast setup - with final system checks ready to go in less than 90 minutes. “This is thanks to the VTX A-series newly devised world-leading rigging system, travel carts and packaging system, which allows crews to be far more efficient for transport, set up and pack down,” says Tim Robertson, tour sound manager at JPRO. “The ease of use and information flow between system calculation and deployment is effortless. We have received comments stating that the rigging and system configuration is the best available. A special mention to our crews who did a marvellous job getting everything together.”
Following the success of the demo at James Hay and another earlier in Auckland, by popular demand an A8 demo is being scheduled for Wellington later in the year and a JBL VTX operator workshop in the pipeline for 2020.
“The response at James Hay from the industry has truly been overwhelming and we would like to thank everyone for attending,” says Andrew Sorrill, customer support and marketing at JPRO. “We would like to get as many industry professionals in New Zealand as possible to experience the system for themselves. If you have not recently heard the new JBL VTX A Series, I encourage you to get in front of a system – please contact us and we will arrange for you to hear one.”
(Jim Evans)

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