LDI 2018: CAST shows wysiwyg R41
Wednesday, 17 October 2018
bt-ldi-presentation-withlogoBlackTrax V2.3.3 will be at the heart of a presentation designed by Dream Laser
USA - At this year’s LDI show, CAST Group (stand 2255) will demo the latest from wysiwyg, BlackTrax and also present a new native software for broadcast. The company will also launch its global training programme.
CAST will present release R41 of wysiwyg in the USA for the first time. On stand, the new BlackTrax V2.3.3 will be at the heart of a presentation designed by Dream Laser that will combine tracking with lighting, media interactivity, moving projection mapping, 3D positional audio and camera tracking for broadcast. Lighting for the demonstration - which will include the opportunity to get hands-on and will feature live performances and interactive games - will be powered by Luminex; media support will come from disguise and Notch; L-Acoustic will provide 3D positional audio; and projectors and PTZ cameras will be from Panasonic.
Meanwhile CAST’s new broadcast software, code-named Herald and powered by BlackTrax, will also be demo'd.
Andrew Gordon, director of business development at CAST Group, comments: “This is the first time that we’ve shown the software publicly. We’ve been testing it with focus groups in the broadcast and production market - and we’ve had an overwhelming response.
“Our goal with Phase 1 of the system is to aid in the automation of broadcast with the function of not only camera control, but also to become an aggregate control suite for all cameras on a production as well.”
“Herald’s node-based editor is a user’s dream. For the first time in broadcast software dedicated to cameras, the quick drag and drop editor allows users to link between modules and quickly set up scenes and subjects with the appropriate cameras, locations and automation pre-sets including things like offsets, zoom, and even the classic zone interactions that have made BlackTrax so popular with the entertainment industry.”
Gordon will also participate in a panel - Shattering the Fourth Wall Through Tracking in Three Dimensions - moderated by Cirque du Soleil (18 October 1:30pm - 3:00pm). Discussion will focus on past projects, current realities, and future possibilities for bringing lighting and video design alive.
Supporting the launch of its new training programme, CAST will host a series of tutorial sessions on its stand throughout LDI, providing an opportunity for designers to get up-to-speed with the latest technologies and their applications.
(Jim Evans)

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