MLA fills Budapest Arena for Boris Brejcha
Tuesday, 19 November 2019
boris-brejcha-showcase-029The Boris Brejcha Showcase at Budapest’s László Papp Sports Arena (photo: Bence Szentiványi)
Hungary - Supernova Techno presents The Boris Brejcha Showcase is how the event at Budapest’s 12,000-capacity László Papp Sports Arena (aka Budapest Arena) on 5 October billed itself. The DJ was supported by Deniz Bul, Ann Clue & Theydream.
Once again, the German DJ / producer, who performs in a Joker’s mask, delivered a powerful three-hour set through Martin Audio’s MLA PA, provided by Hungarian partner, BG Event.
The set-up featured a main PA comprising 15 MLA elements (and one MLD down-fill enclosure) on each flank of the stage, with a first delay line comprising eight MLA per side and the second delay position with eight MLA Compact per side. Some 24 MLX enclosures were placed in a sub array, eight stacks of three, with the bottom box in each flipped to cardioid. In addition, 2x6 W8LS rigged subs were set up in end fire configuration behind one side of the first delay point. The system was driven by three Lake LM44 processors, four Martin Audio Merlin system management controllers and a U-Net network hub.
BG Event also equipped the VIP Backstage area with a further hang of four MLA Compact (on one side only) and similarly there was a single hang of six MLA Compact in the VIP Sky Bar.
BG Event’s Balázs Szentiványi says: “The size of the audience area in the László Papp Sports Arena is 110m long and 40m wide. The mighty Martin Audio MLA system could easily have done the job with a single left and right hang based on the pre-calculations.
“However, at the request of the promoters, and bearing in mind the type of gig this was, it was required to have more hung speaker arrays and delay towers, creating different zones. In that way it ensured the audience could enjoy the same quality sound everywhere in the venue.
“We therefore had plenty of headroom and it was brilliant working with the system - in fact for anyone looking to the sound crew it would have seemed an easy ride. The only extra job it presented us was laying loads of cabling on the catwalk.”
(Jim Evans)

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