Mountain climb backs Scotland’s events industry
Wednesday, 11 November 2020
ben-nevisHighlighting the plight of the events sector
UK - Members of the events industry lit up part of Scotland’s Nevis Range – including the summit - on 16 October. Say the organisers, “This is part of our campaign to highlight our presence to the Government and that we need assistance to keep business surviving. Scotland's events artists, technicians and crew are fighting to resurrect the industry.
“We are looking for better grants as opposed to loans and a date to begin working towards reopening our sector safely. The present financial support schemes are limiting and many freelancers in particular are not eligible due to the criteria set out on the forms. Many people are falling through the gaps.
“We are representing live events and all of those people and businesses who are affected in the supply chain. We are also here in solidarity for everyone who has been affected greatly by COVID -19 - from tourism, hospitality, festivals and beyond. The artists, technicians and everyone whom work so hard behind the scenes to help create Scotland's diverse arts culture.
“We would also like to directly appeal to members of the public and our audiences to stand with us and help bring our industry back. We can work safely with the guidelines being issued, but many companies and venues are now closing since they were the first groups out of work and therefore the last to come back. Many feel they have been forgotten about or that what they do is deemed now non-viable by our Government. This sector is worth over one billion to the UK economy.
“On a grass roots level, we need arts and culture to keep us connected and to share/create memories for people within our own country and those visiting. We are holding up a beacon to stand in solidarity with all of those affected on a global scale. We can get back to work safely, we just need the opportunity and the support to do it.”
The team that climbed and lit the UK’s highest mountain included Miriam Wolanski, Mariusz Przybylski, Kieran Ferguson, Gabriel Stella, Adilso Machado and Paul McIvor.

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