Outline GTO reinforces Decibel Open Air
Friday, 4 October 2019
decibelOver 30 performers from the international EDM scene performed on the two stages
Italy - Once again this year Visarno Arena, in Florence’s Parco delle Cascine, hosted Decibel Open Air, following the success of the 2018 event. The show, organised by Decibel Eventi, has become an important reference point among international music events. Over 30 performers from the international EDM scene performed on the two stages, with Holland’s Armin Van Buuren as the headliner.
To ensure the thousands of fans a memorable sonic experience, Tuscan rental company Emporio On Stage from Scandicci equipped the two large stages with Outline GTO sound systems.
The hurdles to be overcome to achieve the results requested included ensuring the highest possible sound pressure in the chosen area, while reducing sound spill outside that zone, and Giancarlo Paladini (the PA man and system engineer responsible for the rigs) explains: “This is done by means of a correct positioning and aiming of the enclosures. This sometimes jeopardizes perfect even coverage of the zone in question, but not in this case, thanks to the precise directivity control of the Outline systems installed.
“As far as headroom was concerned the sound pressure reproduced by both rigs was more than sufficient. At previous editions of this festival, a larger number of enclosures were deployed. In spite of that, this year the sound was ‘soft’ and without the slightest trace of distortion.”
Armin Van Buuren had two personal technicians, who arrived the day before the artiste’s show to check out the equipment and cables and exchange information with the team on site.
Paladini continues: “The only very small changes his sound engineer asked me for was a pair of EQ settings to meet Van Buuren’s personal taste and, as far as volume was concerned, he had to turn down to avoid exceeding the limits, but nevertheless we reached 110dB SPL A-weighed at FOH, 50m from the stage.”
For the main stage, the set-up comprised two hangs with 12 GTO and a GTO-DF (down-fill) each, 28 DBS 18-2 subs (twin 18-inch systems) and 24 Mantas 28 as front-fill units, while the second stage had two hangs with nine 9 GTO and one GTO-DF each, 16 DBS 18-2 subs and 18 Superfly on front-fill chores.
Paladini also stressed the importance, at the drawing board stage, of Outline’s Openarray3D acoustic simulation and modelling software. “To install a system of this size, having to concentrate and limit coverage to the utmost to the areas effectively of interest, particularly as far as the subs were concerned, while also guaranteeing maximum sound pressure, Openarray3D enabled me to simulate several solutions and choose the best.”
Daniele Ferrazzano, general manager of Decibel Eventi, stated after the event: “From a technical point of view the audio was without doubt a big step forward compared to the previous editions. We, the organisers, the artists and all the public were completely satisfied.”
(Jim Evans)

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