panLab 2 brings spatial audio mixing to QLab
Tuesday, 27 April 2021
panlabUsing panLab 2, users can mix QLab audio and mic cues by positioning them on a virtual map of their sound system
UK - Innovate Audio has announced panLab 2, a spatial sound design and mixing tool, designed to integrate seamlessly with QLab. Available from early May as a macOS app, panLab 2 adds ‘powerful, intuitive and user-friendly spatial audio capabilities to the QLab workflow’.
Using panLab 2, users can intuitively mix QLab audio and mic cues by positioning them on a virtual map of their sound system. Using a bespoke algorithm designed exclusively for the software, panLab 2 takes care of much of the setup process required when configuring a spatial audio environment. As a result of this technological development, users should be up and running with panLab 2 in under five minutes.
Designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with QLab, panLab 2 can discover and communicate with any available QLab workspace on the local network.
All level-based data is stored within the QLab workspace, meaning it is not necessary to run panLab 2 during performances, only whilst programming.
Sequences of movements that would have taken hours to programme using QLab alone, can be created in seconds using panLab 2, says Innovate. Users are able to draw trajectories straight onto the panner, with panLab 2 translating that data into fade cues created in the QLab workspace. Every detail has been thought through, including the ability to modify the speed of sequences both proportionally, and by adjusting to a constant speed of movement. Sequences can also be recorded live, with all timing offsets stored back to QLab for precise reproduction.

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