PLASA 2018: EM Acoustics focuses on HALO-A
Friday, 31 August 2018
halo-a-on-chariotThe HALO Arena large-format line array system will be shown with its dedicated transit chariot
UK - EM Acoustics is shining the spotlight on its new HALO Arena large-format line array system at PLASA 2018 (Stand U61), which will be shown with its dedicated transit chariot. Nominated for a PLASA Innovation Award, HALO-A has enjoyed a busy summer season including a series of successful demos at London’s LH2 rehearsal and production studios, convincing testing in Norway, and a recent outing at Silverstone for the MotoGP. Further demos will also be taking place at the G Live arts centre in Guildford on 11 September for anyone who would be interested in hearing the system prior to PLASA.
HALO Arena is built on the same core “maximum headroom” design intent as the highly successful medium-format HALO-C system, but it takes overall SPL capability to a level suitable for much larger applications, whilst still maintaining consistent performance throughout the SPL range.
A single HALO-A cabinet exhibits a flat, free-field frequency response from 48Hz to 19kHz (±3dB) and a phase response of ±20 degrees between 150Hz and 18kHz. Due to the unique loading technique applied to the low frequency drivers combined with the high frequency waveguide, the dispersion pattern control is maintained down to 250Hz.
A combination of the four 1.4” exit HF compression drivers and a specially developed patent-pending emulation manifold ensures flawless performance and coverage. EM Acoustics’ technical director and HALO-A designer Ed Kinsella explains: “This assembly provides a very significant moving area for the HF section and twice the headroom of comparable systems. In real terms this means that HALO-A runs at 3dB less distortion than a competitor’s system at the same SPL due to the increased overall headroom.”
The bottom end is served by a pair of high power 3.5” voice coil 12” low frequency transducers for a low frequency performance that matches the stunning highs.
“We decided to keep HALO-A as a two-way system as it reduces the off-axis parallax issues to a single crossover point,” continued Kinsella. “In fact, I’m pleased to say that the many, many late nights at the drawing board and absolutely rigorous testing have paid off, because we’ve managed to almost completely eradicate this issue now, which of course pays dividends in terms of performance.”
A full range of flying hardware is available that has been designed with touring flexibility, ease of use and reliability in mind. Applications include medium to large format touring, fixed installation, houses of worship and large format corporate AV events.
For further information and/or a demo, please comes and see us at PLASA 2018 on stand U61 or sign up for the live demo on 11th September at G Live.
(Jim Evans)

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