Powersoft amplifies Taipei’s New Year party
Thursday, 14 February 2019
powersoftCelebrating New Year in Taipei City
Taiwan - The third floor of Taipei’s Nan Shan Plaza - the second tallest skyscraper in Taipei after Taipei 101 - has been created as a vast and open exhibition space. With ceilings at an impressive 8.5m in height, the venue occupies a total of 56sq.m, but features no beams or support columns, creating a challenge to any sound design proposal.
With the prestigious space earmarked by Taipei City Government to host an event cooperative to the New Year fireworks countdown, the challenging space required a sound system that was compact and stable, offering excellent sound performance, which to audio installation company, Imagepro System Technology Corp., Ltd., signalled Powersoft amplification.
Working hand-in-hand with Imagepro’s Yung-Chin Hsu and the Plaza’s project leader Wen-Shan Tseng, Victor Shih of Powersoft’s distributor in Taiwan, Seapower Technology Co Ltd., planned and designed a discreet sound system in accordance with the requirements of the space, built around the efficiency of just three Powersoft amplifiers, controlled by Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite software.
In just two months the team had created an audio environment with in-depth but simple control that delighted the customer. The event management team within the Taipei Nan Shan Plaza, are “very happy with high quality of the Powersoft products and the excellent sound performance”.
The main PA serving the exhibition hall is comprised of a left and right pair of Peavey VR-112 line-arrays featuring four cabinets per side, each flown with a VR-218F sub. This high output array was matched with a single Dante enabled Powersoft X8 amplification system. As Imagepro’s Hsu explained, “We considered only the Powersoft X8 for this position, as the top amplifier in the world! Providing eight channels of up to 41,600W output power under the impedance of 2 Ohms: this is amazing efficiency that only Powersoft can reach so easily.”
Transforming the multi-functional space from an art exhibition hall into an arena with more punch, a further 16 Community DP8 pendant speakers are ceiling-flown. Powered by a Powersoft Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D four-channel matrix amplifier, this supporting audio system can be mixed in with the main system for flexibility and high-quality added reinforcement for press conferences and larger events.
With stage monitoring also accommodated and powered by a single Powersoft M-Series M50Q DSP+ETH system, the exhibition hall scales up in capability to host world-class exhibitions and concerts.
(Jim Evans)

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