Prolights on the ramparts for Peter and the Wolf
Monday, 10 August 2020
castleThe Castle of Arco in Trentino
Italy - On the night of 23 July, the stunning Castle of Arco, in Trentino (Northern Italy), was the setting for a performance by Elio, lead singer of the band Elio e le storie tese.
The event, that was part of the festival called Il castello delle meraviglie (The castle of wonders), saw the artist tell the audience Sergej Prokofiev's world-renowned story Peter and the Wolf, accompanied by the music of the Carlo Coccia symphony orchestra.
To make the location even more spectacular, the castle's tower was lit up using 16 Prolights Lumipar 18QIP. Iiriti, a company based in Riva del Garda, worked on the lighting installation.
Leonardo Gerola, sales assistant for Iiriti said: “Peter and the Wolf is one of those stories that people always remember, even as adults. We wanted the lights to emphasise both the music and Elio's performance. That's why we decided to make use of Prolights Lumipar 18QIP, positioned at the foot of the castle's tower in order to provide the best visual impact.
“We used these projectors because they're extremely versatile. Both output and colour rendering are impressively powerful and I think they were perfect for this kind of installation. The final results exceeded expectations, making the lights an integral part of the show.”

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