Rimini 2004: SIB is back with a bang
Tuesday, 3 June 2003
Rimini 2004: SIB is back with a bang
Italy - For the 2004 edition of SIB (13-16 March 2004), the show’s organizers are promising a cutting-edge expo with a new image, new targets and two new sections as part of a plan drawn up in conjunction with research and consultancy company Cermes-Bocconi.

"We’ve carried out support activity for Rimini Fiera’s management on the basis of our experience in the sector of exhibitions of international importance," explains Professor Francesca Golfetto, joint director of Cermes-Bocconi. "Bearing in mind the on-going evolution of its business sectors, it’s extremely important for strict scientific surveys to be conducted on an event of SIB’s international calibre, to ensure the utmost satisfaction of its numerous clients." As a result of this plan, SIB now also has a new subtitle - the International Exhibition of Event and Entertainment Technology - and a restyled logo.

In addition to its traditional lighting and audio sectors, SIB 2004 will also highlight everything else related to creating successful events and shows. Alongside the SIB Theatre section, which through the years has become a reference point for the sector and will be further expanded, there will now be two new sections: SIB Design, dedicated to furniture and d├ęcor for venues and architectural lighting; and SIB Congress, dedicated to the organization of commercial and promotional events, a showcase for tensile structures, technology for queue and crowd control, sets and fittings, staff, catering and services.

SIB is also updating as far as its spectacular and seminar events are concerned, as Gabriella De Girolamo says: "We’re currently putting together a group of experts, made up of Italian and foreign sociologists, journalists and technicians, who will draw up the guidelines of SIB 2004s side events. Our aim is a high profile relaunch of these events, implementing and diversifying them from the point of spectacular impact, cultural dynamism and technical/scientific content. An ambitious but concrete project, in which we’ll also be able to count on the practical support of the exhibiting firms."

(Lee Baldock)

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