Robe shines at 2018 Asian Games
Thursday, 1 November 2018
robe-2018-asian-games-oc-jakarta-wThe opening ceremony of Asia’s largest sporting event featured a general cast of around 4000
Indonesia - The 2018 Asian Games Opening Ceremony, staged in Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium, saw LD Yves Aucoin to deliver an impressive lighting design.
The OC of Asia’s largest sporting event featured a general cast of around 4000, produced by Scott Givens and Libby Hyland working with Indonesian creative director Wishnutama Kusubandio. Staging direction was by Michael Pena working with Indonesian choreographers Denny Malik and Eko Supriyanto, and the breathtakingly visual extravaganza was produced by live event specialists FiveCurrents.
Montreal based LD Aucoin specified 270 x Robe BMFLs to be a major part of the lighting rig.
“It was BMFLs or BMFLs,” he says. “They were the only fixture option for a selection of key positions around the venue.”
These high-powered fixtures once again proved their ruggedness and reliability as they performed without a hitch in the sweltering heat and intense humidity. Sixty of the BMFLs - supplied by a number of different companies - were a new purchase by locally based PT Energi Sembilan Perkasa from Jakarta.
Josh Zangan’s set design was dominated by imposing rolling green hills and a smouldering volcano, complete with streams, fountains and lush foliage detailing the wonder and magic of nature, surrounded by deep blue seas. This was 350 ft. wide, 96 ft. tall and 80 deep and filled one side of the stadium. The entire set surface was projection mapped together with all the visible field of play.
The 270 x BMFLs - comprising 120 x BMFL Spots and 150 x BMFL Blades - were distributed between these three positions and made up just over a quarter of the moving lights used in the show.
The total moving light count of 1000 was in turn 25 percent of approximately 4000 fixtures - including some of the stadium’s permanent architectural LEDs - plus a splattering of conventionals, making up the opening ceremony production rig.
For the closing ceremony, Yves and the team were reunited and used almost the same lighting rig, with all the BMFLs and some of the lighting elements shifted around as the closing format was more of a celebratory pop concert styled event.
(Jim Evans)

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