RØDE hosts AES event for CRAS students
Monday, 16 May 2022
rodeRyan White introduced the students to a number of RØDE instrument microphones
USA - The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS), a leading institution for audio engineering education, has announced that RØDE US product specialist and CRAS graduate Ryan White recently participated in an event at the CRAS Gilbert, Ariz. campus. White worked alongside CRAS students during the day, demoing and introducing the students to a number of RØDE instrument microphones during instrument clinics. In the evening, White hosted an AES event for the CRAS student chapter.
“It’s always a pleasure to have Ryan join us at his alma mater to host such amazing events for our students,” said David Kohr, CRAS AES faculty advisor. “His events are always the perfect mix of fun and education. Over the years, Ryan has shown us that he has a way of bringing the students in and educating them in a fun and exciting way and this event was no different. We always have a good time when RØDE comes to town.”
White, armed with a case of RØDE microphones, took part in classes during the day and then hosted an AES event that evening. First, CRAS students utilised and learned from White about several RØDE mics during a band clinic, including the NTK, NT3, NT1, and K2 for drums, and the NTR and NT2a for guitar tracking. In the evening, White hosted an AES event in CRAS’ 6,000 sq. ft. live sound room equipped with a full stage and PA where student musicians performed as a way to demo the RØDE microphones they had learned about earlier in the day.
White was already working in the music industry prior to entering CRAS, and he wanted to move into the world of studio recording. In order to get the formal education and training he needed for such specialized pro audio work, he attended and graduated from CRAS in 2011.
White noted that during the daytime and evening events, the students all loved the information, the results, and overall, their time together. “We used many different microphones and discussed all the way through, ending the night with CRAS giving away some gear and we gave away the NT1 Complete Studio Kit to one lucky student,” explained White. “I could see that everyone enjoyed the presentation, microphones, and they all came away with a little something.”
Said CRAS student Labrae Gramm-Rohm, “Coming from more of a film background I’ve only really experienced RØDE’s shotgun mics. The RØDE Mic event was a fascinating experience demonstrating different types of mics in their arsenal and how versatile RØDE mics can be in different applications.”
Concluded CRAS student and CRAS AES president Ashley Stys, “We're so lucky as a school to have companies such as RØDE come out and demo some gear for us. It gives us an opportunity as students to learn about more microphones that are available to us in the industry and to be able to get hands-on experience with them.”

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