Topaz offers three versatile versions
USA - ROE Visual is promoting the fine-pitch rental solution, Topaz, among other products for the live events market at LDI 2023.
The ROE booth for the 2023 show focuses on the touring side of the live events space, with a comprehensive stage setup reminiscent of the many stage designs involving ROE Visual panels over the years. Attendees will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the panels, with a multitude of configurations at their fingertips.
LDI is the first North American show to exhibit the new, all-purpose live events LED panel, Topaz. This new series comes in three versatile versions - Topaz flat, curve, and cube - allowing event organisers and AV rental companies to ‘unleash their creativity while still achieving a superior return on investment’.
In addition to Topaz’s unveiling, the show will be the locale for other technology sneak peeks from the LED manufacturer as well as tour-tested favourites. Attendees can expect a large Topaz wall as centre-stage, Graphite (GP 2.6), Carbon 5 MKII (CB5 MKII), Vanish (V8T), and ROE Strips. The LED video walls utilise Brompton Technology processing and are driven by disguise vx 2 and 2x4pro media servers. The stage portion of the design incorporates Black Marble (BM2) panels powered by Megapixel processing.
Another first for the North American team, SMPTE2110 will be utilised for the flooring via Megapixel’s HELIOS processor. And to achieve the rock show feel to the booth, the lighting is being provided by Elation Professional.

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