ROE Visual joins AV Innovation Days
Thursday, 11 June 2020
ruby-at-ise2020-2ROE’s Ruby was demonstrated at ISE 2020
Germany - Taking its first cautious steps out after the COVID-19 lockdown, ROE Visual will be showcasing some of its latest products at the AV Innovation Days.
The AV Innovation Days, as organized by Lang AG, offer an alternative event platform for the cancelled InfoComm show and are held at the Lang Academy location in Lindlar, Germany.
With ISE’s sister event InfoComm 2020 turning into a virtual experience event, held from 16-18 June, Lang sought to offer an alternative programme. The AV Innovation Days will see a virtual programme broadcasted during the InfoComm Connected, combined with an onsite live event for regional visitors. Apart from ROE Visual, other manufacturers such as Panasonic, Samsung and Barco will present their current technologies and innovations.
As part of InfoComm Connected, the AV Innovation Days will give visitors the chance to discover the latest highlights and developments that would normally have been presented at the InfoComm show. The AVID days will be held from 17-19 June, 2020.
ROE Visual will bring its latest products, like the Ruby R2.3 screen, the Black Quartz outdoor screen and the Vanish transparent LED panels to the event. A team of ROE Visual experts are at the stand to answer all your questions. Erik Baum, Roelof Bouwman and Victor Kortekaas will be happy to help you, taking all the Covid-19 precautions to heart.
Equipped with features that are beneficial from build to performance, the innovative Ruby R2.3 LED panel is ready for the next generation. ROE Visual has developed its own 4in1 LED, exclusively available for Ruby. The LED performance is due to the strength, low reflection and high contrast of the 4in1 LED packages. Fitted with advanced driver ICs and LEDs with large colour space Ruby is fully HDR adaptive, adding colour depth and great grayscales.
Building outdoor LED screens can be a challenge, the Black Quartz LED panels provide an excellent solution, since they are designed as a fast-building, full-fledged LED screen appliance, with an integrated wind-bracing system.
Black Quartz panels, available in a BQ3.9 and BQ4.6 pixel-pitch, use Common Cathode technology, translating into a stable LED performance. Reduced colour differences and relatively high brightness are the result of a significantly reduced panel temperature and efficient heat-dissipation.
In addition, ROE Visual will show the Helios processing platform. The Helios LED processing platform is the result of close cooperation between ROE Visual and Megapixel VR.
Combining their in-depth knowledge of LED and processing technology, the result is a future-ready processing platform that reimagines processing from the ground up to support large-format LED displays for use in demanding pro AV, broadcast and installation applications. The Helios processor will be exclusively available for ROE Visual LED screens. The Helios platform is a modular platform, which you can easily grow towards a full 8K system.

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