Sauca’s award-winning PLASA Show debut
Tuesday, 13 September 2022
UK - Sauca Live Light enjoyed a successful debut at the recent PLASA Show, officially launching as a company and taking home a prestigious PLASA Award for Innovation during the show.
The company’s first product, Live Light, comprises a licensable software management package and a Hardware Data Uploader (HDU) unit which connects to any lighting console or media server. The HDU takes an ArtNet input and transfers lighting data to the Cloud, allowing lighting and visual designers to directly control the screen colours of audience smart phones, watches and wearables.
“All that the audience need to do is point their phone cameras at the QR Code on the IMAG screens on stage and they immediately create huge mappable visual canvases with less than 100 millisecond latency between flash button and phone colour change,” the company says. “The optional and additional phone app will enable access to the phone camera flashes to create ‘Mexican Waves’ and others effects using that high brightness source. All of this is achieved with an affordable price point and with excellent sustainability benefits. We leave no waste.”
Although Sauca Live Light is a new tech start-up, its board of directors has a wealth of long-term experience from within the lighting and visual industry. Chief operations officer Andy Porter is well-known for his technical support of Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage visuals and other such world-class events; chief marketing officer Steve Warren of Avolites and Ai video, has 40 years’ experience of lighting and video distribution; chief executive officer Vanessa Bailey has extensive experience of innovation and entrepreneurship; and chief technology officer Simon Carter - the creator and coder of Sauca’s flagship product, Live Light – has a string of successful products to his name, including Pixeldrive and the Radlite video server as used by Coldplay on the main stage of Glastonbury 2002 and 2005. Meanwhile, Martin Hawthorn, founder of Hawthorn Theatrical (now Encore) is Sauca Live Light chairman.
The company sees product applications for Live Light in a very wide variety of events from sports to live concerts, corporate events to large-scale weddings and anywhere there is an audience eager to take part in a powerful and inclusive immersive experience.
During the PLASA Show, Live Light received a PLASA Award for Innovation, with the team of independent judges commenting that “this innovation takes control of your phone and provides the next creative chapter for audience participation.”

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