The Neumann MT 48 audio interface and NDH series headphones will be featured
USA - Sennheiser Group (Demo Room 3D03) will be hosting an exclusive series of immersive presentations from Grammy-award winning audio engineers and producers during the 155th AES NY Convention, taking place from 25-27 October at the Javits Centre in New York City.
The demo room will also feature a comprehensive line-up of end-to-end immersive recording and mixing solutions, with hands-on microphone testing available to visitors.
Highlights on display from Neumann.Berlin will include the KH line of monitors, including the recently released KH 120 II, the NDH 30 open-back headphones, and the company’s groundbreaking MT 48 Interface. With this, Merging Technologies will exhibit the Hapi and Anubis interfaces and Dear Reality its suite of spatial audio production plugins including dearVR PRO, dearVR MONITOR and dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT to enable monitoring, mixing and automating spatial audio in various environments.
The Neumann demo room will be outfitted with a full 9.1.6 immersive system, including two pairs of stereo monitors that will showcase AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio functionality. Here, Neumann will host 11 different presentations featuring Grammy award-winning engineers and producers discussing and demonstrating their most recent immersive mixes on the Neumann immersive system.
Additionally, the demo room will celebrate Neumann’s nearly 95-year history with a timeline displaying decades of the brand’s legendary products. The timeline will include beloved modern and classic mics, monitors and more, including but not limited to the U 87, M 149 and KU 80.
Attendees will be treated to exclusive immersive demos and intimate question-and-answer sessions with decorated audio engineers and producers. The line-up of Grammy-winning presenters includes Justin Gray, Andrew Scheps, Ulrike Schwarz and Jim Anderson, George Massenburg, Chuck Ainlay, Jimmy Douglass, Michael Romanowski, Jeff Balding, Fab Dupont, and Morten Linberg. This stacked line-up has collectively worked with music icons ranging from Adele, Alicia Keys, George Strait, The Rolling Stones, Snoop Dogg and more.

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