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Monday, 8 February 2021
slxUnskilled is available online now
UK - SLX, specialist technical supplier to theatres, touring productions, broadcast and live events, worked alongside young artist, Cameron Flynn - a member of New Adventures dance company on tour with Matthew Bourne’s production of The Red Shoes until the pandemic hit – as he created a digital performance that would speak to the challenges faced by artists nationwide. The performance, titled Unskilled, is available to watch online.
Cameron says: “I was determined to use this time to do something meaningful. I didn’t want to moan about it but I wanted to convey a world where dance, performance and theatre didn’t exist yet all around were individuals trying to fit uncomfortably into other jobs, with their performative skill invisible and dreams to perform bursting to get out of them. It certainly has parallels with now as so many of my peers are working in roles simply to get by whilst the whole cultural industry remains largely closed. We’re all out there in the shadows doing other jobs.
“I began to flesh out my idea with the support of a group of friends, and then New Adventure’s heard about the project and were keen to invest some funding as part of their Young Associate Artist program to help us realise this vision. That’s when it really started to take shape.
Through being part of creating the whole production, I have been exposed to all the hard work and skill that is needed behind the scenes to make productions run and that has been such an important part of it. When I began the project, I was only really considering the performers who found themselves out of work – but working so closely with a lighting designer, tech team and with the likes of SLX – who work with so many productions normally – has really opened my eyes to the vast skill this industry has and to the jobs it creates – beyond performers.”
SLX supported Cameron to realise his vision of a ‘dream scene’, which needed to be recorded in a studio with a full lighting rig, fitted with bespoke fixtures decided upon in partnership with the SLX team, Cameron’s Lighting Designer (Chris Vaughan) and Cameron himself.
Cameron continues: “SLX’s generous support of the project added a whole new dimension to the piece. I’ve never had access to that level or quality of tech and tech support in the past. The team were so brilliant to work alongside, and I know my Lighting Designer, Chris, felt the same.”
Chris Vaughan, lighting designer for Unskilled says: “Cameron approached me in November 2020 about being the lighting designer for the project. The Unskilled story itself was meaningful and somewhat appropriate during a year where the industry was being portrayed as a non-viable industry. This led to many of us feeling like we had been missed and left to fall through the gaps. I was extremely excited to supporting in telling this story, with light.
“Cameron and I had discussed many visions of the story and what was extremely useful was the ability to move the fixtures around to different configurations in the all-white studio space.” The system was controlled by ETC’s GIO Console running alongside ETC’s Augment 3D.
“I approached SLX is because of the vast range of manufacturers SLX would have on the shelf. I am a huge fan of the GLP X4 Bar 20s, MAC Aura XB’s and ETC’s Source 4 Lustr2 range which SLX upon receiving my kit list were happy to provide without any substitutions. SLX provided an entire package prepped by their in-house team at Bristol HQ. overseen by Katy Lowe.”
Cameron’s performance, Unskilled is available at

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