Stage Electrics takes the GB rally to new heights
Wednesday, 11 December 2002
The World Rally Championships were recently staged in Cardiff, and Stage Electrics was on hand to provide significant resources over a number of key sites for this major sporting event.

The Network Q Rally started on the 14 November and was timed to coincide with the switching on of Cardiff’s Christmas Lights. The main high street in Cardiff was closed to traffic from 10am, and there then followed a race against time to ensure all of the production was in place by 5pm. Stage Electrics provided main stage lighting on a Star Hire Mk1 Stage, as well as lighting to other areas.

The biggest focus of the Rally for spectators was the Super Special Stage, hosted in a purpose- built arena in Cardiff’s Docks. Stage Electrics powered the majority of all site services, as well as all spectator and emergency lighting. A total of 24 generators supplied through Power Electrics of Bristol were provided for the event offering the site over 2000Kva of power.

The final day of the Rally saw two major events taking place, with Stage Electrics providing all lighting required for the televised finish of the rally in Cardiff Castle. The cars were driven into the castle in darkness flanked along the pathway by 100m of Arcline Strobe Tube. Lighting was also provided for the two-storey winner’s podium, positioned in front of the Castle’s Main House and Keep. Both of these buildings were lit by the new 2kW OptiVision Metal Halide fittings and 1800kW Arena Vision spotlights.

The second major event that day was a launch, only confirmed two days earlier, for the new sponsors (the Welsh Development Agency who are taking over from GB) who wanted to launch their involvement in a spectacular way utilizing a branded Ford Focus rally car. Thus on Saturday 16 November a crack Stage Electrics team arrived at Cardiff’s National Museum of Wales and erected a 40sq.ft kwikform ‘box’, clad in black. The box housed a hydraulic ramp which lifted the car 2m, tilted it to a 45 degree angle and then rotated it in either direction and at varying speeds. Due to the last minute nature of the show, the overnight lighting rehearsals were done without the car in place, it being craned into the structure just four hours before the event took place.

Immediately after the Rally Finish the press were invited to the launch lit by a host of MAC 2000s in King Domes, Mac 500s, Atomic 3k Strobes, City Colors, Mini City Colors and a number of generics.

(Ruth Rossington)

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