New year, new logo for TAF
Europe - This year’s ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) show was a special one for Truss Aluminium Factory (TAF). On 30 January, the first day of the exhibition, the company revealed its new TAF logo.
The new image was also featured in a special logo reveal video released that same day on TAF’s social media channels and website, as well as in the TAF newsletter and on industry media websites. Going hand-in-hand with the redesigned logo was news of TAF’s new strategic direction as ‘The Factory’.
The teaser campaign highlighted ‘a truss brand you know’ and a factory that’s ‘behind much of the well-regarded truss on the market’.
“The redesigned logo not only serves as the new face of the brand, but also as a symbol of its evolution as a leading truss manufacturer and new strategic direction as The Factory,” says the Czechia-based company that was established in 1998 and now operates globally. “Going forward, TAF will have a new focus on the manufacture of its high-quality TAF-branded truss, continuous improvement of its exceptional customer service, and delivery of its ‘Truss on Time’ promise.”

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