Tidy's Magna 7 project
Friday, 4 July 2003
UK - Last year £50 million was spent converting a former steelworks near Sheffield into the Magna science and exhibition space. In September, Tidy Events is intending to carve this huge space into seven zones, load in full colour lasers, sound and lighting, then add the world's top-name DJs to create a huge dance event catering for 5,000 clubbers.

Tidy has delivered its fair share of groundbreaking and unique events - from a 72-hour dance party in the depths of Wales to filling London's biggest dance club to capacity - and Magna 7 is set to be one of their most impressive yet.

The seven arenas will boast a myriad of sounds and styles and are divided into the Main Arena, the Face of Steel, Funky Bubble, Hardcore Bubble, Digital Entertainment Zone, Retail World, Chill-Out Zone, and the VIP Space Pod. This exclusive zone floats several storeys in the air and is accessed by a high-speed lift. The full line-up will be announced shortly and tickets are expected to go on sale in mid-July.

(Sarah Rushton-Read)

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