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AES 2003 - Product Briefs . . .
Tuesday, 20 May 2003


SR40/DIV, a stationary UHF diversity receiver added to the WMS 40 wireless mic system.

Audio EngineeringThe Micron 700 Series wireless system goes to 16 channels, using MDR762 twin-channel diversity racks in conjunction with the new BandMaster antenna distribution and combiner systems.

Bruel & Kjaer

Launch of 2260 Observer, a portable sound level meter and analyzer. In real-time, it analyzes in 1/1- or 1/3 octave bands, covering 8Hz-16kHz and 6.3Hz-20kHz respectively. Room reverberation measurement is an option.

DPA Microphones

Low-voltage versions of the DPA 4061 and 4066 headband mics, namely the DPA 4063 Miniature and 4067 Adjustable Miniature Headband - both available as Lo-Sens and DC.


New Asian-German development and manufacturing axis, introducing the DSP-2000 range of signal processors. Among these are the MXO-2000, a 2- to 6-speaker management system, and the MEQ-2000 multi-modegraphic EQ.


EASE 4.0, a new version of the audio modelling software adding more complex coverage and cluster calculations, simpler entering of room data and room mode

AES 2003 - Phil Ward reports
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Amsterdam's RAI Centre has now hosted three of the last six European AES Conventions, and while this reflects the popularity of the city among delegates, exhibitors and voyeurs alike, as a commercial rope-ladder for the high end it may be wearing a bit thin.

It was quiet, and if the exhibition is to stimulate the local markets around itself, there are other cities that need attention while Holland's well-turned soil could lay fallow for a few years. That said, portents for improvement were visible both in that very local support, and in a few promising technological breakthroughs for sound reinforcement.

AES 2003 - Compact Sy80 from Innova Son
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Innova Son's Compact Sy80 appeared centre-stage, an 80-input, 48-buss live console based on the Sensory Compact Live chassis. It features upgraded 'Sensoft' software, and with a stage-box can be expanded to create further inputs and outputs.

Company founder Philippe Royer presided. "It's very much the result of consultation and feedback from our end users, dealers and distributors," he said. "One of the main improvements has been in the design. Beside that, it's a more rugged console for touring and there is a new suite of software functions. The user can specify the layout of his console, so it becomes a global or universal console. Each of the faders can be an input - mono, stereo or multiple; a VCA; a matrix; or an aux and so on. It is completely user-defined."

Because of this, the Sy80 is equally at home tackling FOH, monitoring, live recording and on-air duties. A new DSP module in the audio rack expands the capability of the console still further, and ensures that it's compatible with everything else in the Innova Son range. "We're getting more and more end users in broadcast," continued Royer, "particularly coming from the live broadcast production angle. Many of the facilities needed are similar to theatre and touring uses, so we try to provide all of them."

AES 2003 - Range of desks illustrates synergy
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Other flagship desks on show in Amsterdam included Yamaha's PM5000, launched in Frankfurt; Audient's Aztec, launched last year; DiGiCo's D5 Live; and Stagetec's Aurus - again, both launched last year. However, the presence of these desks cheek by jowl with their studio counterparts illustrated the synergy between the new markets better than anything.

AES 2003 - Duran Audio presents DDC
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Only three sound reinforcement companies took advantage of the new Exhibitor Seminars, all of them tellingly local. Alcons Audio's Tom Back explained ribbon transducers, understandably, while Ampco discussed active noise control. But Duran Audio really took the mouse by the clogs with a hefty analysis of digital directivity control.

Duran's proprietary Digital Directivity Control (DDC) resides in the company's Axys Intellivox speakers, but here new concepts were introduced called Digital Directivity Synthesis (DDS) and Digital Directivity Analysis (DDA). Between them, DDS and DDA can simulate almost infinite radiation patterns of an array, and provide a glimpse into the future of system design for, especially, problematic acoustic spaces.

PALA 2003 rescheduled to 1-3 October 2003
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Singapore - Asia’s most established sound, light, broadcast and AV communications exhibition, PALA, has rescheduled its event from July to 1-3 October 2003.

The decision to reschedule the exhibition was made following consultation with exhibitors, trade associations and government bodies in light of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in the region. "Ensuring a safe and effective business environment for our attendees is the core objective of change in PALA’s show dates," stated Rosalind Ng-Seah, deputy managing director of IIR Exhibitions.

October's show will take place at the Suntec exhibition venue in Singapore.

(Ruth Rossington)

USITT 2003
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

USA Minneapolis recently hosted the United States Institute of Theatre Technology's Annual Conference and Stage Expo over the 19-22nd March. The show was well attended, 15% up on last year with 3,300 people taking part. Whilst the actual stage expo is quite small from a visitor/exhibitors viewpoint, the conference programme more than makes up for it. Many American universities offer theatrical and drama courses giving rise to a large theatre oriented student population. The annual USITT show is heavily geared towards those students as well as those wishing to go to university, and accordingly manufacturing exhibitors are there not so much to sell their wares, but more to encourage an interest in their products, and also to give advice and training.

The conference programme is a busy affair, with no less than 125 talks, seminars and discussion groups over the four days. The subject matters varied widely, although all are theatre-based. The programme caters well for all disciplines, with topics as diverse as 'hands-on sound engineering courses', 'followspot operation', 'scenery painting', 'projected scenery' or the more obscure 'playback party' where delegates were invited to take along a favourite recording they have made to play back to the other delegates. There were a few more obscure subjects lurking in the programme too, including 'A brief history of the brief', exploring the sociological influence of underwear on civilisation!

The exhibition had some familiar faces, with the likes of ETC, City Theatrical, Clear Com, Meyer, Vari-Lite, GAM, Lee, High End Sy

AES 2003 - Spectrum Analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Rohde & Schwarz's FS300 Spectrum Analyzer brought the rarefied technology of measurement instruments into a price bracket that reflects the growing spread of wireless communication technology. With a frequency range of 1kHz to 6GHz, it can be used to check RF emissions almost anywhere and is just a half-rack width, while 3U high. As wireless connection takes root in entertainment installations of every kind, this type of product will become more and more useful to contractors as well as broadcasters.

AES 2003 - Alcons Audio on home turf
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Alcons Audio was another AES debutant following the sweeping changes at Stage Accompany, adding to the good local support for the exhibition. Having ported much of SA's ribbon transducer expertise into the new company, Alcons launched the RBN 601 6" model claiming peak power handling of 1,000W and patent-applied 90° horizontal coverage.

With line array to the fore at most other exhibitions, this was a technological statement of intent from the new stable, emphasizing the wide dispersion, the natural cylindrical wave pattern and 103dB efficiency.

As you'll also see from the news pages in this issue, Alcons has founded Alcons Audio Deutschland GmbH. Carsten Albrecht will act as sales and technical support manager of the new operation.

AES 2003 - Audio Pro's impressive line-up of brand names
Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Italian cable and connector manufacturer Link was making its AES debut, sharing stand space with others from Dutch dealer Audio Pro's leading lines.

Established in 1987, Audio Pro's market-stall approach to exhibiting laid out Yamaha's PM1D, Audient's Aztec, Optocore, d&b audiotechnik's E-Series and TC Electronic's EQ Station - a good haul of sound reinforcement gear by any standards. Founder Rolf Dijkstra explained that the company specialized in theatre installation. "We've been working with d&b since '93 and that has enabled us to attract the attention of touring and corporate-event production companies too. We've broadened our horizons.

"But you have to bear in mind that Holland is a very small market, so you have to take on specific things to do specific jobs. We've added each line as required, and each addition has attracted others." Dijkstra added that over the last few AES shows, people have been actively seeking out certain sound reinforcement brands, and that studio and live applications were merging within single products.

"The quality of sound systems nowadays is so good that you can use things like TC effects processors in both situations," an echo of thoughts elsewhere in the show. "But I'm expecting particularly big things from the EQ Station. Companies like BSS and Klark Teknik used to have remote-controlled graphic EQ systems, but have somehow got away from them. For engineers, it's a really handy instrument - especially for the monitor guys, who stand next to the artist listening to the foldback and adjusting the sound

Jerry Springer: The Opera
Monday, 19 May 2003

UK - It's been billed as an opera which has to be seen to be believed, and when you become aware of the plot, you'll understand why. Based on America's most lurid talk show, which brought worldwide television audiences programmes entitled 'Pregnant by a Transexual', 'Here Come the Hookers' and 'I Refuse to Wear Clothes', it is packed with swear words, tap-dancing Ku-Klux Klan members, a gay black Jesus and a God who resembles Elvis - the critics are having a field-day.

Also noteworthy, though attracting less press attention, is the fact that this is the first new opera for both creator/composer Richard Thomas and the National Theatre, chosen by incoming National Theatre director, Nicholas Hytner, to premiere as his first production in the Lyttelton Theatre.

Lighting designer Rick Fisher was first involved with the show when it premiered at Edinburgh last year. The production has expanded following its transfer and Fisher, together with programmer Vic Smerdon, are using the house Strand 500 desk to control the rig of High End Studio Spots, Martin MAC 600s and Vari-Lite VL5Bs.

Blitz Sound has supplied the sound equipment for the show. The company's links with the production also stretch back to the Edinburgh Festival last August, where they originally supplied a partial system consisting of a Cadac R-type mixer and 24 Sennheiser radio microphones.

For the show's run at the National, sound designer Mike Walker has selected a range of equipment including 37 Sennheiser radio microphones, a 64 input Cadac J-type mixer, processing from BSS, XTA and Lexicon and 30 Ya

Lightfair 2003 winners
Monday, 19 May 2003

USA - Pixeon Inc, the Austin-based LED effects company, was the recipient of two major awards at this year's Lightfair show in New York. At the New Product Showcase and Awards Presentation, Color Stream was presented with the distinguished Roeder Award. This special award is made at the judges' discretion for products that "truly meet and exceed the current challenges of the twenty-first century." Pixeon accepted the award beneath a specially designed Color Stream sculpture, by lighting designer Marsha Stern. Last September Color Stream - an innovation from WWG, the British-based lighting design partnership - also received an award for product innovation at the PLASA show in London. Later, Pixeon was given an award by the judges for best booth design.

Dutch company Xilver saw its Droplet LED fixture awarded best new theatrical and entertainment lighting product. The jury felt that the product was particularly innovative in the way it combined colours and the movement it offered for a small design fixture.

(Lee Baldock)

PLASA Show to host Exhibitor Open Day
Friday, 16 May 2003

UK - With the significant changes taking place at this year’s PLASA Show - from the new floorplan layout to new features at the show and some creative new marketing initiatives - the show organizers are hosting and Exhibitor Open Day on Thursday 22 May to keep exhibitors up-to-date with developments and provide every opportunity to maximise their participation at the show.

The day is designed to highlight the marketing and PR for the PLASA Show and advise exhibitors on how they can dovetail their own promotional activity with the Show’s - including advertising placement and keeping the show’s PR company and trade press appraised of new product information. With this in mind, the format of the Open Day will be more marketing-focused than in previous years.

PLASA Show director Nicola Rowland comments: "This will be an opportunity for us to expand on our plans for the key feature areas of the show - The New Technology Gallery, the Central Meeting Area, the Press, Exhibitor and Presentation area and the Association and Industry Trade Bodies area and, of course, this year’s extended educational programme."

There will also be an opportunity for exhibitors to walk round the hall and see the location of their stand space. This will be particularly useful this year because of the changes in stand location for the majority of exhibitors. The timings of the Open Day will also differ from previous years, starting at 3pm at Earls Court. This will be followed by an opportunity to meet the PLASA team and fellow exhibitors in a more informal e

ESS and Le Mark 'on the road' together
Wednesday, 14 May 2003

UK - When a seriously professional company like Edwin Shirley Staging needs to get advice on heavy duty label and identification, they called in Le Mark. An interesting meeting between Kevin Wollage of ESS and Linda Gibbons of Le Mark earlier this year led to the request: "Not only do we need labels for road cases - we need labels for our trailers!"

As it had to be visible and remain usable in all conditions, this product needed to be something special, so Le Mark produced a re-designed and uprated version of their renowned PAL Label product - this time with a double-layed background that allowed the PAL Plate to be riveted directly to the ESS trailer units!

Linda Gibbons - Le Mark sales director said: "It was an exceptionally unusual application that showed ESS had total commitment to their clients. The new marking system allows the driver to be 100% certain of load and destination during the loading and trailer connection operation."

Linda concluded: "For 20 years, our Printing Division has been working hard to handle the heavy duty labelling needs of the global entertainment Industry. We like to think that we will always rise to the challenge - on this occasion we had to really pull out all the stops, but we achieved it! It was also a great opportunity to work with Kevin and to get behind the wheel of some serious metal!"

(Lee Baldock)

PLASA/Russia Open Day: London
Tuesday, 13 May 2003

UK / Russia - As members of the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA) will be aware, PLASA has been approached by IIR Exhibitions to work on a project that will see the launch of a trade show in Moscow, Russia in April 2004. In order to assess interest in the project, PLASA and IIR Exhibitions are staging an Open Day on Wednesday 21 May at One Whitehall Place, London SW1.

The Open Day will include presentations from a number of key speakers including representatives from PLASA, the DTI and IIR Exhibitions. The presentations will focus specifically on doing business in Russia, emphasizing changes in the business culture, the types of assistance that can be accessed, the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities available. The event will be a half-day session starting at 11.00am and concluding at 1.15pm with a buffet lunch to follow.

All interested parties are invited to attend the Open Day - should you wish to do so please confirm your attendance by contacting Helen Willis at the PLASA office (details below).

(Lee Baldock)

Latest Robert Juliat followspot to debut at White Light Open Day
Monday, 12 May 2003

UK - Robert Juliat's new Manon followspot will make its first UK appearance at the White Light Group Open Day, being held on Thursday 15 May at White Light's headquarters in Wimbledon, south-west London.

Manon is a 13-24 degrees zoom followspot using a 1200W MSR or MSD lamp. It has a built-in mechanical douser, an iris that can spot down to fully closed which is mounted in a removable cassette, a six-way colour boomerang and, in common with many of the Juliat followspots, the unit can also accept a gobo. To allow Manon to suit a range of venues and operators, the unit is also fitted with a heavy-duty adjustable yoke.

Manon adds to the already comprehensive Robert Juliat range, joining products such as the Aramis, Cyrano, Ivanhoe, Heloise, Foxie, Pixie and Marius - which have already proved popular with a wide range of venues and companies across the UK. These include the BBC, the Royal Opera House, the Royal National Theatre, the Barbican Concert Hall, Guildhall, the Yvonne Arnaud in Guildford and the Theatre Royal in Stratford East, as well as numerous hire projects, including the smash-hit musical Chicago.

"We are delighted to be able to show Manon at our Open Day," comments White Light's Bryan Raven. "We had thought that by gathering many of the leading manufacturers, and the latest moving lights and lighting consoles together under one roof - and adding food, drink, a hot-air balloon and a jazz band - that we'd already provided something for everyone. But this new followspot, which should appeal to a wide range of venues, will add even

Lighting world gears up for Showlight 2005
Monday, 12 May 2003

Germany - Following the huge success of Showlight 2001 in Edinburgh, plans are already underway to ensure the 2005 event, which will be held in Munich on 21-24 May, will be better than ever.

Occurring just once every four years, Showlight is a three-day event organized by lighting professionals for lighting professionals. The colloquium, unlike other trade shows, places emphasis on debate stimulated by papers from respected industry experts and provides a gathering ground for like-minded people. 2001 proved to be the most successful show yet, with 42 sponsors and more than 300 delegates from the world of entertainment lighting passing through its doors.

John Watt, Chairman of the event’s organizing committee explains: "Showlight 2005 is being held at the magnificent Prinzregententheater. Their patronage and that of the associated Bayerische Theaterakademie, plus the enthusiasm of the students there, make this the venue of choice for us. Students who attended the Edinburgh event explained to us how invaluable the three days had been for them, both in terms of what they had learned, and the opportunity given to network with professionals in the industry. It’s always great to receive such positive feedback, but to be offered the chance to host the next show at such a great venue is fantastic. Munich is also home to a number of lighting companies including ARRI and transtechnik, part of ETC, which has generously provided the ‘seed’ money to ensure the continuation of Showlight."

Martemaria Scheunemann, who runs the theatre lightin

ProLight+Sound Shanghai/Music China 2003
Tuesday, 29 April 2003

China - Over 230 exhibitors from 16 countries are so far confirmed to exhibit at the second Music China, due to take place from 15-18 October in Shanghai. National pavilions from China, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, the UK and the USA are all confirmed to participate in the show, with further groups from France and Spain expected.

Market-leaders already signed up for the show include newcomers Yamaha of Japan, and Young Chang of Korea - one of the oldest and most prestigious piano manufacturers in Asia. Exhibitors coming back for a second time will include Steinway & Sons and Warwick of Germany, AXL and Electro-Harmonix of the USA, Pearl River Piano of China, Tom Lee of Hong Kong and Fazioli of Italy. A supporting programme of special events is being arranged to flesh out the show. The programme is likely to include competitions, live performances and educational visits.

Music China will be joined in 2003 by a new international exhibition in China for the professional audio and entertainment lighting industry, ProLight+Sound Shanghai. This will cover sound production, broadcasting and recording equipment, lighting, laser technology and special effects for the entertainment industry, stage, studio and event technology, and pro-audio and lighting-related computer hardware and software.

(Ruth Rossington)

Lighting&Sound surveys Mains Distribution Equipment
Friday, 25 April 2003

UK - To coincide with the imminent summer festival season, the Technical Focus section of the May issue of Lighting&Sound International magazine will be looking at the technology related to the development and use of mains distribution systems. An often overlooked area of entertainment technology, safe and efficient distribution systems are a fundamental part of any show. We will also assess some of the current standards and safety issues in this area, including work done by British Standards and the ABTT. This will be followed by a brief profile of the main manufacturers and coverage of a selection of their leading products in the marketplace.

If you would like your product to be featured in this report, please e-mail L&SI’s technical editor James Eade at the e-mail address below before Thursday 1 May, 2003.

(James Eade)

Production Show 2003 lines up workshop programme
Friday, 25 April 2003

UK - The Production Show has announced that over 100 free workshops will run throughout the three day show from 20th - 22nd May 2003, at the National Hall, Olympia. After the success of last year's workshops, attended by a record number of 2997 people, the show has introduced two new elements to its workshop offering.

This year will see the launch of the Video Editing workshops and Animation & VFX workshops - all free of charge. Over three days a series of professional training workshops will be run in partnership with Soho Editors. Manufacturers such as Apple, Media 100, Discreet, Softimage and Quantel will focus on how individuals can enhance both basic and advanced editing skills with specific sessions focused on producers and directors.

The Learning Zone and Work Zone is being run by Skillset working in partnership with BECTU, offering careers advice and information to those wanting to get in or get on in the industry. At the skillsformedia drop-in centre, visitors will be able find out about career progression, training opportunities, skills shortages and all the courses currently subsidized for freelancers. BECTU representatives will also be on hand to offer employment advice.

The Sony Workshops will provide an opportunity for industry professionals to learn about the latest production practices and technologies from the manufacturers' own experts who will be reviewing the latest Sony product releases from NAB. The Engineering Technology Centre (ETC), sponsored by Snell and Willcox, follows on from its successful launch last year and returns with more ex

SARS outbreak: CALM Expo postponed
Wednesday, 23 April 2003

China - IIR Exhibitions and its joint partners, China Theatrical Equipment Association (CTEA) and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-Council (CCPIT) have announced the postponement of CALM Expo 2003, which was due to take place in Beijing from 16-19 May 2003. The decision was made following requests from several exhibitors to postpone the exhibition to a later date in view of the SARS outbreak in China and in response to the new SARS statistics released from China over the weekend.

The organizers told us: "Our attendees’ health and safety is our utmost concern, therefore we have decided to postpone the event to a later date. We are currently looking at another suitable date as many exhibitors have indicated that . . . the exhibition is very important for their business." Details of the new dates will be confirmed in due course.

To date, more than 600 exhibitors have signed up for the show, occupying a total area of over 46,000sq.m. The joint organizers are grateful to all exhibitors for their support in CALM 2003 and look forward to their continuous support and understanding.

(Lee Baldock)

CEDIA UK Expo 2003
Thursday, 17 April 2003

UK - The eighth annual CEDIA UK Expo will be held at the Brighton Centre between 24th and 26th June 2003. It will be the largest yet, hosting a wealth of new exhibitors from the security and lighting industries, as well as established leaders in the residential entertainment systems and home automation markets.

The seminar programme is expanding as well, and will see the introduction of CEDIA certification examinations for technicians and designers, developed by the UK Education Committee from a structure successfully employed in the US. The third element - manufacturer training - is integrated with the seminars to ensure that theory and practice are perfectly complemented. The largest CEDIA UK Expo to date will be improved by the introduction of extensive on-line registration in April 2003 and the services of an accommodation bureau (01273 292626).

Spearheading CEDIA's Professional Certification Programme is a series of examinations for technicians and designers, which will introduce a new level of recognition for CEDIA members. In order to accommodate the tests, and to provide a logical structure to the programme, this year's training has been arranged under tightly defined syllabus headings or ‘tracks’. Held over the three training days, the Track 1 programme, for technicians, comprises six courses covering the principles of installation, followed by two ‘grounder’ (overview) courses, and culminates in the certified technician exam. The Track 2 exam, for designers, is again prefaced by six courses and two ‘grounder’ courses

2003 Helpmann Award nominees
Thursday, 17 April 2003

Australia - The Australian Entertainment Industry Association has announced the nominees for the 2003 Helpmann Awards. Named in honour of dancer and actor Sir Robert Helpmann and first presented in 2001, these annual awards honour productions new to Australia.

The 2003 nominations cover a wide range of productions, including those created in Australia and those previously seen elsewhere in the world but visiting Australia for the first time. The awards include categories for both productions and technical work on productions - and, unusually for theatrical awards, even feature a category for sound design.

This year’s technical nominees are: Best Costume Design: Dale Ferguson - Great Expectations; Kristian Fredrikson - Man of La Mancha; Julie Lynch - The Way of the World; Bob Crowley - The Witches of Eastwick.

Best Scenic Design: Stephen Curtis - The Blue Room; Kristian Fredrikson - Swan Lake; Dan Potra - Love in the Age of Therapy; Tony Tripp - A Doll’s House.

Best Lighting Design: David Hersey & Jenny Kagan - Oliver!; Nigel Levings - Copenhagen; Nick Schlieper - Great Expectations; Matt Scott - The Blue Room.

Best Sound Design: Paul Charlier - Buried Child; Peter Grubb & Shelly Lee - Oliver!; Peter Grubb - The Witches of Eastwick; John Scandrett & Julian Spink - Cabaret.

The ‘best production’ categories included nominations for Cabaret, Oliver! , Man of LaMancha and The Witches of Eastwick (in

Spirit Design & Production puts Headmasters centre stageSpirit Design & Production puts Headmasters centre stage
Wednesday, 2 April 2003

UK - London-based Spirit Design & Production recently staged the Headmasters Awards 2003, for client Headmasters, the south London-based hairdressing group, in association with cosmetics giants L’Oreal, at Wimbledon Theatre.

The long-running annual awards event showcases the best work and latest styles from the past year and honours stylists and sales people alike. Spirit were awarded the contract to supply the full production service, including event design, in 2002 and were brought back to infuse the 2003 event with more fresh ideas and a new look. Spirit D&P, owned by Tor Cooper-Evans and Chris Biddulph, has years of collective experience in the events industry but adds a unique combination of cutting-edge ideas and stylistic presentation. "We simply do not believe in offering a client an off-the-shelf idea," comments Biddulph, "even though that might be simpler than creating a new concept and a new design from scratch. Originality is what drives us."

"In the set design," continues Cooper-Evans, "we have to allow for the fact that most of the models do not have much catwalk experience, but it still has to end up as a totally professional-looking show." To make the experience both enjoyable and straightforward for the models, Spirit designed a ‘one-way’ catwalk, incorporating an awards presentation area, creating an easy-to-follow route. The set itself reflected the urban feel of this year’s Headmasters collection by using brushed aluminium and denim finishes with a backdrop of flat panels, incorpo


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