The Flex Acoustics's Evoke system in place at Aarhus Concert Hall
Denmark - The largest music venue in the Nordics has refreshed its acoustics with the evoke system from Flex Acoustics to provide optimal conditions for any kind of music, from rock to classic. An event on 9 May will mark the world premiere, with a live presentation for architects, acousticians, and sound engineers taking place in Aarhus, Denmark.
Evoke is a powerful variable acoustics technology that transforms a hall acoustically in five seconds - with barely any visual change to be seen.
Using the evoke technology, multipurpose halls can present a wide variety of styles of music with literally optimal acoustics: from choir, chamber music over brass bands to rock concerts and even cinema. All with ideal reverberation time in every frequency band to ensure an optimal sound experience and performance.
The Evoke system consists of several panels of any surface finish, such as wood, leaving a high degree of design freedom to architects and designers.
"Since it is challenging to present evoke's accuracy and power only by our well documented acoustic data, we hope interested professionals will leave their zoom calls and experience the magic of Evoke first hand at our event in May", says Niels W. Adelman-Larsen, founder of Flex Acoustics.
Jonas Knive, head of production of Aarhus Concert Hall, elaborates on the venue´s new investment: “Our small hall was optimized acoustically by installing 150 evoke panels. The result is striking and uplifting. There has been a huge improvement for the benefit of both audience and performers. Especially regarding amplified concerts and speech, the result of evoke ON and OFF is like night and day. We could not present a well-sounding pop concert before. The concert hall sound for classical music has also improved as the reverberation time in the hall in the panels' sound-reflecting state has become longer. The whole process has been carried out by dialogue and good cooperation, so even though this is the first time the evoke panels have been installed in a concert hall, we have come to a very good solution with a very satisfactory result.”
The first musicians to try out the refurbished hall have also shared the excitement. “The evoke really is good; we heard what the different presets can do, and it is convincing", says Søren Sigumfelt, Danish composer, musician and band leader of Halfdan E. Band. “The most enjoyable live sound I’ve ever experienced.”

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