Faith Fellowship Church
USA - Faith Fellowship Church has celebrated worship services in its "stressed membrane structure" since 1999 but the facility's dated audio system had always suffered from poor audio quality and uneven coverage.

In 2014 Faith Fellowship contacted All Pro Sound in Pensacola, Florida to help it upgrade its audio. All Pro had helped with previous upgrades, video projection and wireless microphones.

The church wanted consistent coverage throughout the worship space and a more exciting audio experience for their contemporary worship services which feature a full praise band and 15-person chorus. To meet these needs, All Pro's Jeff Knighten designed a new Community loudspeaker system that would cover the 88ft by 120ft space evenly and provide the kind of full-range audio quality the church desired.

Faith Fellowship's upgraded system uses three Community I Series IP8 -1122/26 loudspeakers, distributed across the stage front, to cover the room's four seating areas. Two IS8 -115 subwoofers provide extended low-frequency support. The system is light-weight enough to hang safely from the building's steel frame and the white loudspeakers complement the building's interior appearance.

All Pro powered the new loudspeakers with Ashly amplifiers and added an Ashly Protea DSP for loudspeaker management. The church uses an Allen and Heath GL2200 mixer, Audio-Technica wireless microphones and Shure hand-held wired microphones from its original system.

Faith Fellowship's Josh Cokendolpher says the church's upgraded audio system was completed in time for the 2014 Christmas holidays. "It was like going from black and white to color," he said. "We were always pushing the old system to its limits and some people complained about the coverage but now we have more than enough headroom and everyone can hear."

(Jim Evans)

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