Falling in Reverse play Philadelphia (photo: Sean Varga)
USA - Dan Michie, who lit metalcore band Falling in Reverse on their recently concluded Live From The Unknown tour, enthusiastically reflected his client’s menacing sound with a broad palette of vivid colours.
“There’s nothing wrong with using a wide range of colours,” said Michie. “Typically, I’ll stick to three main colours per song, but I’m not strict about it. Some songs I’ll listen to and see different coluors in my head for the verses than I do for the choruses. One of my favourite looks is to run a rainbow effect on the washes or any kind of RGB/CMY fixture and cut through that with white spots or beams. Falling In Reverse is also a fun band and I felt that the rainbow look fits some of their songs really well.”
Michie worked his colour rendering magic to perfection on the tour, as evidenced in his lighting for their 2022 hit “Zombified,” which had the centre of the stage bathed in bright red, with intense yellows flanking it on either side. “When I think of zombies the first colour that pops in my head is red, for blood and guts and general zombie violence,” he said. “I wanted this song to feel dark and mostly have the band silhouetted, like creepy zombies coming out from the shadows. Then I used yellow to make the red pop.”
After Michie unleashed his colourful panorama for the band’s show in Los Angeles, he and they had to fly back to Philadelphia for a performance at the Filmore to make up for a show that was cancelled earlier. Because the trip back east was taken on short notice, Michie wasn’t able to transport his touring rig back with him.
Initially, he was concerned about getting new fixtures in Philadelphia to match his pre-programmed colourful looks for the entire 15 song set. He didn’t have to worry though. Thanks to help from Victor Zeiser and Steve Kosiba of Squeek Lights, along with some high-output Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 BeamWash fixtures, he was able to recreate his show precisely in all its evocative power.
Taken from Squeek Lights’ own inventory, the RGBW moving hybrid fixtures were hung three apiece from six upstage towers. An additional four Rogue R1 BeamWashes were arranged along the downstage risers, two on each side.
The 18 units on the towers were used to cover the stage in the bold colours that were so crucial to Michie’s design concept, while the units on the risers highlighted band members.
The Six Rogue R1 BeamWashes on the risers helped with lighting the artists on stage, particularly the drummer and the drum kit. “I like to light up band members when they’re playing solos or doing something that makes them stand out,” said Michie. “The lighting shifts the focus of attention to them. I’m also a massive fan of silhouetted looks.”

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