The Astra Hybrid330 has been used in various contexts

Australia - Fordtronic AV, a dry hire company in the AV solutions industry for corporate events, has expanded its inventory with the Astra Hybrid330 and the EclProfile CT+ from Prolights.

Jonathon Ford, general manager and chief AV technician at Fordtronic, relied on Show Technology, Prolights distributor in Australia, to purchase new moving head fixtures. “We weren't sure what we wanted,” admits Ford. “We'd been sub-hiring from other suppliers in town but knew it was time to purchase our own fixtures. Gareth [at Show Technology] thought that these hybrids were well suited to the corporate work that we do -and he was right!”

The Astra Hybrid330 has already been used in various contexts, enhancing event atmospheres and accentuating venue architecture with targeted lighting.

“We got a custom-made gobo made with a company's logo so they can specifically hire the Astra Hybrid330 and get their logo put on a building, on a wall, on the floor, wherever they want to do it,” Ford adds. The wide zoom range of the Astra Hybrid330, from 3° to 50°, was particularly noted for its versatility.

“That was pretty impressive because some of the rooms we go to aren't big, so being able to zoom the gobo out was a huge advantage,” he continues. “The gobos are great and the fact that it's got an animation wheel was one of the features we very much wanted in a mover.”

Ford also praised the EclProfile CT+ from Prolights, a long-standing part of their inventory. "These devices are crucial in our live and broadcast events, as they allow us to adjust the colour temperature to meet the needs of the cameras, offering unmatched flexibility compared to previously used solutions."

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