The Que Pasa Festival launched in 2019
Gibraltar - Fresh Entertainment, Gibraltar's sole professional audiovisual company has an impressive track record dating back to 2005, Fresh Entertainment CEO Jonathan Collado has turned to Elation fixtures since 2012 to elevate a diverse range of projects in Gibraltar, from conferences to major music festivals.
Despite the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, Fresh Entertainment successfully maintained its staff and used the time to lay the groundwork for new festivals. Identifying an opportunity in the local market, Jonathan, a former DJ, launched.
The festival marked a significant milestone as the first European EDM music festival to make a post-pandemic return in 2021, attracting attendees from Europe and beyond. Held annually in July, and with a Christmas edition added to the lineup, Jonathan emphasises that Elation lighting has been integral to the festival's success since its inception.
“We’ve chosen to use Elation on all our festivals and many of our other events and installations,” he stated, referencing the Elation moving heads, SixPar, SixBar, DTW Blinder and Protron lights Fresh Entertainment holds in inventory. “The products are professional standard and really stand the test of time. As an example, we have had SixPar 300 IP fixtures working at the Moorish Castle for nearly ten years and have had very few issues over the years. I think that that says a lot about the brand.”
In addition to Que Pasa, Fresh Entertainment introduced the Made in Gibraltar Festival in 2021, showcasing local DJ talent, and The Bandeleros Entertainment in 2023, expanding into band concerts. The 2023 edition of Made in Gibraltar, held 2 September, featured 24 DJs with cutting-edge visuals, including Elation lighting effects, skilfully orchestrated by Fresh Entertainment.
The Bandeleros Entertainment made its debut 28 July in Gibraltar and was a major success. The show featured the Gipsy Kings, who staged their fiery rumba flamenco show beneath an Elation lighting rig. Besides handling lighting, audio, video and staging for the aforementioned events, Fresh Entertainment organises and promotes them, all managed in house.
Jonathan extends his appreciation for the close collaboration with Elation and expresses his gratitude for the support he has received in bringing innovative and top-notch audio-visual experiences to Gibraltar. “I really see Elation as part of a family,” he said. “I am especially grateful for the support from [Elation sales rep] Frederik Afif who has been so kind and helpful. You don’t get that type of service from many other brands.”

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