Zuo ‘Rambo’ Zhao
USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has welcomed Zuo ‘Rambo’ Zhao as the newest member of its engineering team. As acoustic engineer, Rambo works on developing new technologies and designing new products. He comments, “I’ve always wanted to work with Dave Gunness and know I will learn a lot from him. “However, what made my decision to come to Fulcrum is that they really invest in technology. I’ll have the opportunity to focus on the research part of R&D and look forward to contributing to the next generation of loudspeakers.”
“Rambo’s passion for loudspeakers and related technologies is immediately apparent. In his short time with us, he’s already become a valuable member of the team” says David Gunness, co-founder and VP of engineering. “We are excited to have him on board and know that he will make significant contributions.”
Rambo brings a decade of experience in the audio industry working as a live sound engineer, technical director for a touring company, and an audio engineer at Eastern Acoustic Works.

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