Øystein Berglund and Val Gilbert

Europe - Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the addition of CBK Group as exclusive distribution partner for the Nordics, covering Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. CBK will distribute the full catalogue of Fulcrum Acoustic and Fulcrum Immersive products across their territories.

Val Gilbert, director of business development for export at Fulcrum Acoustic, comments, “CBK is a fantastic partner for Fulcrum Acoustic in the Nordics. Our ambitions to develop a solutions-based business in the region are perfectly aligned, and the team at CBK have hit the ground running managing opportunities across their territories. The in-house skillset is exactly what we are looking for, and I look forward to expanding our reach in the region.”

Per Øystein Berglund, product manager audio at CBK Group, adds, “Fulcrum Acoustic is a fantastic addition to CBK Group’s portfolio. Their advanced technologies and approach to loudspeaker design allows us to offer a unique proposal to our customer base, that stands out from the crowd and performs exceptionally well.

“Their product portfolio permits us to design and deliver project-optimised solutions, which is exactly the way we work at CBK Group. Not to mention the powerful software tools and immersive offerings. We are looking forward to presenting the brand to our clients across the Nordics.”

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