A key feature of Fulcrum One is its acoustic simulation capability
USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has introduced Fulcrum One, a system design and simulation software available for Windows and Mac. This comprehensive software environment streamlines the design, deployment, and management of both traditional sound reinforcement and immersive audio systems within a single, user-friendly interface. The all-in-one nature of Fulcrum One saves time, reduces the need for multiple software applications, and caters to the needs of diverse audio projects.
Incorporating the Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeaker catalogue, Fulcrum One enables users to accurately plan and position loudspeakers within a 3D venue model. The software will also facilitate the creative design of active acoustics and object-based mixing components for immersive audio installations powered by the Fulcrum Immersive Venueflex processor.
A key feature of Fulcrum One is its acoustic simulation capability, which empowers users to accurately predict how their sound system designs will perform in real-life settings. Its rapid processing power enables near real-time calculations for loudspeaker coverage mapping and maximum SPL visualization. Fulcrum One also offers advanced optimization for line array configurations, signal processing, and system equalization.
Dr. Paul Henderson, vice president of software and immersive at Fulcrum Acoustic, expresses his enthusiasm: "Fulcrum One marks a significant advancement for us. It's developed with the audio professional in mind, blending intuitive control with powerful design tools. Its fast processing and comprehensive features are set to change how our users approach audio system design. We look forward to future updates that will further enhance the software's functionality and user experience."

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