Amman Academy opts for Strand and Vari-Lite
Wednesday, 2 February 2022
vlamman-academystage1--inteAmman Academy’s new theatre space
Jordan - Amman Academy’s new theatre space is open for 2022, offering students and educators professional lighting with a range of Strand and Vari-Lite luminaires and control from Signify.
The private school, which is renowned in Jordan for its academic excellence, constructed the new theatre space to offer performance, rehearsal, and meetings facilities. Its lighting solution needed to be adaptable, encourage creativity and provide reliable workhorse and effects fixtures.
The Academy’s team approached Amman-based International New Technical Est. (INTE), a systems integrator specialising in theatre installations. INTE’s project manager Hashem Nazzal specified a Strand Neo console for control, with the Vari-Lite VL2600 Spot on colour-rich effects duty.
“One of the most important requirements of this project was flexibility and effects options, and the VL2600 Spot offers this and so much more, including fast and accurate movement and fast colour switching,” says Nazzal, who also served as electrical engineer on the project. “We demoed the VL2600 Spot and discussed the importance of professional lighting in theatre, if they wanted to achieve the best, and the owners reacted positively.”
In total, more than 92 fixtures from the Signify stable were specified, including the Strand variable beam Plprofile1 MKII, energy-efficient PLCYC1 MKII LED cyc luminaire, and the Vari-Lite Punchlite 220.
Strand’s Neo console is providing powerful control options, matched with the eight port DMX node. “We have been working with Strand consoles for very long time and they have our full confidence,” Nazzal continues. “Strand products are very reliable, made to work for long hours in addition to being a world leader in developing the technologies in this industry. Neo is simple to use and offers many ways to achieve the same goal. The ability to expand it is also a great added value. Vari-Lite and Strand is the quality that people trust.”
The Vari-Lite, Strand and Selecon products join a host of professional AV equipment in the new theatre space, which seats more than 430 people.

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