APG releases latest Live Manager software
Tuesday, 1 March 2022
apgAPG Live Manager 1.8.9, and the new APG pre-sets for ArmoníaPlus 2.2.1, are available to download now
France - APG has announced that version 1.8.9 of its Live Manager software - a comprehensive, far-reaching update that introduces a range of new presets, gain chain tweaks allowing for higher sound levels, and deeper integration with Powersoft software and amplifiers - is now available to download from its website.
Developed in response to feedback from APG’s partners, customers and users, Live Manager 1.8.9 greatly increases remote control and monitoring software functionalities while continuing to give users simple, easy-to-use access to the ‘APG sound’.
According to Maxence Castelain, application engineer at APG’s parent company Arbane Groupe, the 1.8.9 update is above all an upgrade to the user pre-sets - both for Live Manager itself and in the creation of a brand-new bank of APG pre-sets for Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus software. The latter addition, he says, will be especially useful for users of Powersoft fixed install amplifier series with DSP, while new plug-and-play system pre-sets will simplify the deployment of APG speaker systems.
These include pre-sets for newly launched products - including the iX Series of fixed-installation loudspeakers, the iS range of subwoofers and the new UC118i sub – as well as for cornerstones of APG’s Uniline Compact range (such as the UC206N, UC206W, UC115B) and Uniline range (UL115B and UL118B), making APG’s DMS48 processors and DA amplifiers compatible with a wider range of products and technologies.
Optimisations to the gain chain, meanwhile, enable Live Manager users to achieve a high sound level with typical console settings: improvements include a new amplification gain of +32dB, digital/analogue conversion alignment of 0dBu = -24dBFS, and a nominal operating level of 0dBu (with 8dB headroom) for all APG speakers. “The changes to the gain structure and analogue/digital alignment are a true internal revolution that will bring a modern touch to APG’s analogue audio heritage”, explains Castelain.
APG Live Manager 1.8.9, and the new APG pre-sets for ArmoníaPlus 2.2.1, are available to download now.

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